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Self Sustained Green Society And Lifestyle

Updated on March 19, 2011

Women Unite In Farming And Community Support

For The Good Of The Many
For The Good Of The Many

Getting Back To Basics...Keeping It Simple...and Safe

Important Facts To Be Aware Of:
Important Facts To Be Aware Of:

Protecting Our Future...Taking Back Control

It's certainly been a real roller coaster ride with Food these days. I personally do not feel safe, or comfortable with food from other countries. I believe "our" food should be grown here. Of course it can be, but effort is required.

I am personally involved in a fantastic project in Pennsylvania. A Large Farm is gearing up to handle the Tri-State area, and all it's local residents. We are forming a "Farm Co-op" for people to join. It's a nominal monthly membership cost, and you get big discounts on the produce purchased. They have everything there. From Meat to Mushrooms of all kinds. With everything in between.

I have to say after getting violently ill from various food products that are currently being imported, I am ready to eat safe, organically grown food that has no additives of any kind. I can no longer count how many times I have had food poisoning, and I'm just plain tired of playing Russian Roulette with my life.

The mounting cases of Food Borne Illness is off the charts, and needs to be corrected immediately. This is a life, and death situation for many people. I live with a compromised immune system, and cannot take chances on what I eat...ever. I have to know where it came from, what it may have been exposed to, and how long it's been sitting.

Call me a fanatic, maybe...but I don't think so. I have seen too much, and I'm aware of too much, and cannot turn the other way. Local Farms are something you touch, and see, and witness how the produce is handled. You can even work at the Farm for even more discounts on your food.

It's not a new concept, it's actually been done this way for a very long time. Industry, and politics changed it, and we're living the consequences of those poor decisions. Each Country can, and should be self supportive. Meaning their food should be grown there, and ours should be grown here.

I make these conclusions strictly based on Math, Logic, Common Sense, research, Facts, and consequences. When your people are falling ill to the main component that is supposed to allow them to sustain life...You have take action to correct it today...not tomorrow...right now.

Well we're doing that. The Farm Co-op will be the wave of the future, and it will be the solution to get the economic flow back in the U.S., putting our money where our mouths are. Our Food supply being grown here is the most positive step we could take. Our entire existence depends on it.

Being a part of a Farm Co-op is the only way to be sure how your food is being grown, handled, and kept. Knowing, and seeing with your own eyes is not only safer, and healthier, but cheaper.

We are a fairly large group who is making great strides in revamping our own food supply. There is safety in numbers, and when people stick together on what is logical, and productive...they win. It's the people who decide where the money will be spent. It's the people who have the ultimate power here.

When you see the opportunity to join a Farm Co-op in your local area, do it!

You'll be part of a National effort to keep "Our" people safe, and healthy with the ability to thrive and grow with natural grown foods...Here in Our Own beautiful Country. Joining in this effort, will in turn also help the Earth rejuvenate itself. The more we grow, the better we will all be.

For more information on the Pa. Farm Co-op:


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    • BrainFire profile image

      MotherGoddessEarth 9 years ago from The Island

      Thank you Shalini, and Amanda!

      I believe this "IS" what is going to save us, and help us flourish. I hope people soon see the advantage of this, and how much money can be saved by joining in.

      As long as people STOP buying imported food from other Countries like China, (where only 1% is actually inspected)... We can begin to prosper here, and benefit in many ways from growing our own food here.

      Imported food brings not only the product, but the unseen germs, and bacteria that wasn't here before. Such as the Bird Flu. Not to mention Standards, which are also lacking.

      I'm glad you both see the truth, and facts. Our people will survive, if they go back to basics at home, and keep it local...It's the only way to be sure.

      Thanks again for the comments!


    • Amanda Severn profile image

      Amanda Severn 9 years ago from UK

      HI Dawn

      I'm in the Uk, and have been following similar developments both here and abroad via the Transition Towns network, which I have also written about here on HubPages. We've seen what happens when you globalise industry. For some things such as technology its the right way to go, but for food production, it's been overworked, and it's costing us dearly. We're not so well off as you in the UK climate wise, but we have learned how to extend the growing seasons using glasshouses and so on. I'd like to see more food grown locally for everyone, even in towns and cities. It is possible, it just needs more people to put their energies behind it.

    • Shalini Kagal profile image

      Shalini Kagal 9 years ago from India

      Great idea Dawn! We tried that in India with dairy and while it could have been done better, the fact is, it brought prosperity to a whole region and increased productivity as well as awareness. It also means that the small farmer is not marginalised and can still hold his head high producing what he wants and having the strength of the co-op behind him.

    • BrainFire profile image

      MotherGoddessEarth 9 years ago from The Island

      Safety At Home...With Food. The only way to be sure! Grow Your Own...

      Please try it, and see how much money you will save!!! :) Go Green At Home!

    • BrainFire profile image

      MotherGoddessEarth 9 years ago from The Island

      Oh You are sooo welcome. Everyone needs to know ALL the options, and I really get great satisfaction in spreading the word. People rely on me for that.

      I'll be posting updates as the progress with the Farm Co-op is made.

      I added some items above for Growing Your Own foods, for the City people. I found the cheapest prices I could with researching each product. Like the AeroGarden...Really excellent Product, and you definitely get your monies worth in the first 2 harvests.

      I really appreciate your comments, thanks again! We all need to stick together on this.

      Take care,


    • In The Doghouse profile image

      In The Doghouse 9 years ago from California

      The food situation is getting very disturbing. I have considered a garden for my family as a supplement to our food needs, so this was interesting information for me. I am in the city basically, with no rural projects around me directly, but this is something to be aware of. Thanks.