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Farsighted or Nearsighted - Which is the Lesser of Two Evils?

Updated on June 16, 2012

To read or not to read, That is the question. Well, I have the answer.

I am nearsighted. I have trouble seeing objects in the distance. For years I have gone from wearing glasses to contacts and back to glasses again. I have been waiting for the day when I am no longer able to see things up close. So far, so good because I can still read perfectly without the aid of glasses. I have worn contacts in the past but gave them up because of the time, effort and the fact they can be so uncomfortable to wear. Sometimes it would take ten minutes just to put one contact in and then my eye would be read and sore for the rest of the day. I finally put my contacts away and went back to wearing glasses full time. I use them when driving, watching tv, basically anytime I need to focus in the distance. Quite often I don't wear them because I can still exist quite well in a sort of blurry world. For example the moment I get home from work, I take my glasses off and don't put them on again unless I am going to watch television.

Last month, I was on Facebook and saw an ad for an incredible online contact and glasses company. I highly recommend using this company to purchase contacts or glasses on line. They provide exceptional service and the prices are unbeatable. They had an amazing offer to receive a month's worth of contacts for less than $30.00 and apparently these new contacts were very comfortable. The reviews were great. I thought it might worth a try to go back to them. So, I placed my order and received my contacts along with a pair of sunglasses within two days.

The next day, I thought I would try them out. They went in surprisingly easily and felt great. I loved being able to see without my glasses. I drove to work, wearing my cool new sunglasses, got to my desk, sat down looked at my computer and saw nothing but a blur. Thank goodness, a co-worker had a pair of cheap reading glasses because I would not have been able to work.

I had to change the way I focused on things, having to put on glasses every time I needed to read was a huge challenge. I never realized how often we focus on objects that are close to us. Having to rely on reading glasses is really a challenge. Especially for me who has had no problems reading before. Once I would leave my desk, I was all smiles again because I could see clearly. That was until my blackberry would go off and I tried to read the message that was just sent to me. I left my reading glasses back at the office. Now I had to remember to carry them with me. Where do I put them? On my head? I don't want to carry them and putting them on a chain around my neck is out of the question.

The next day, I went back to my glasses and thought I would save the contacts for weekends or when I was going out where I knew I wouldn't be reading. (still there will always be that blackberry issue)

Today I made up my mind. I thought I would give them a try again. It took me five minutes to get one contact in and when I did, it felt like I had a piece of glass in my eye. After fighting with my eye, tears running down my face, along with my makeup. I got it out, rinsed it off and put it back in. No problem. Then went on to the left eye. Popped it in, or was it? I wasn't sure. I think it went up into my eyelid. After spending a minute or two, I found the troublemaker, only to have it fall off my finger and land somewhere on the floor. I tried to find it with my one good eye, but it was useless. I ended up opening a new one and using that instead.

All was good, I could see again. Then I got the call from my Mom to pick her up at the Drug store. I rushed over and she was in a panic because she couldn't find a blush and there was no sales person to help her. I knew I could do it. So, I walk up to the cosmetic counter and looked at the rows and rows of blurry makeup. I finally picked one up and the only reason I chose the right one was because of the color. She was happy with it but of course I couldn't see how it opened. People were looking at us as we tried to figure out how to open this complicated makeup container. I was starting to sweat, my Mom was getting frustrated, I was saying I couldn't see. It was a nightmare. I was wrestling with the blush, trying to flip the lid when all I had to do was twist it off! I went home, popped the contacts out and put went back to glasses. Awe, that is much better!

So in conclusion, I have decided that being nearsighted is much better than farsighted. I couldn't imagine what it must be like when you need bifocals. So back to my glasses for life. (Unless I am going to a wedding or a big event of course.)

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    • profile image

      GalaxyRat 9 months ago

      I think I'm nearsighted. Not so sure yet.

    • profile image

      Jim 18 months ago

      I think your right in saying that it is better to be nearsighted then to be farsighted. You're eyesight clearly isn't that bad since your able to do so much without your glasses. Actually the way you wear your glasses is the perfect way for you to wear them. You need your glasses to drive and for watching TV or maybe going to a concert or sporting event but you take your glasses at other times because your still able to see quite well. You really don't want to start wearing contacts on a regular daily basis because you don't really need full time vision correction. By wearing contacts daily it could even cause you to need either glasses or contacts for reading. So if you can read perfectly without glasses for reading then you want that to stay that way as long as possible. By the way your glasses look really nice on you. (retired optician)

    • T4an profile image

      T4an 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      Thank you Christin53. I am due for an eye exam. I will have to remember that. I don't think I am reading as well as I was a few months ago.

    • christin53 profile image

      Ann-Christin 5 years ago from UK

      I am short-sighted and have worn glasses for most of my life but as I've got older I've had trouble reading with my glasses on. For a while I could still read by taking my glasses off but now I need reading glasses too. So I have invested in varifocals and they are brilliant. I would recommend them to anyone who needs glasses for distance and reading.

    • T4an profile image

      T4an 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      Hi Rebecca, it sounds like your boyfriend needs a new prescription. If he gets the correct prescription, he shouldn't have a problem seeing distance. You could be right about your boyfriend trying to test you. :) Have a great weekend!

    • Rebecca2904 profile image

      Rebecca 5 years ago

      Interesting hub! My boyfriend is really short-sighted, even when he's wearing his contacts he has trouble seeing things that are far away, whereas I'm slightly long-sighted. It doesn't really affect my life too much, except sometimes when I'm reading the lines seem to wobble and it gives me a headache. It does mean I have no problems seeing, and even reading, things that are quite far away - often my boyfriend will ask me to read a sign for him, and I've come to suspect that he's just testing me to see how far I can really see haha.

    • T4an profile image

      T4an 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      It must be a nightmare having both. I guess you would adjust. I even tried wearing just one contact for distance, so I could read with the other. Apparently it is done a lot. I gave up after one try.