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Fast Weight Loss is it for Real?

Updated on October 28, 2015

Weight Loss

The truth is there is not an easy way to lose weight. There I said it. Weight loss is one of the hardest things to accomplish and I don’t care who tells you otherwise. The biggest problem that I have found is you have to eat it’s not like you can go at this cold turkey (pun intended) or that you can just stop eating altogether.

Everyone has to eat we all know that as a fact, so the key is what we eat, how we eat it and how much we consume. Honestly, this is something that I have struggled with my entire adult life. I was never fat as a child even though I may have thought I was. The problem began for me when I left home.

Living at home, we didn’t have a lot of money to spend on sweets and fatty things. My mother cooked and once in a while she would bake us a treat. We never had sugary drinks at our fingertips like so many of us do today.

Obesity has become an epidemic around the world, not just in America. Now we have people making a good deal of money preying on our need to be thinner and to lose weight. Most of what they offer is just money making schemes for them with no results for the purchaser.

There are a few out there that offer a good solution, but the problem is no one wants to wait for results. We are a people that want, no demand, immediate results. So, we pop pills, go on crazy diets or buy something that promises to remove fat within days. Really? We didn’t get fat overnight and we are not likely to lose the fat overnight.

Don’t get me wrong there are some good weight loss programs out there, but they take time. The first thing that you must remember is that everything takes time. You will not lose those 30 extra pounds in a week. Sorry it just won’t happen, end of story.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is a very popular and successful weight loss management program. When you join Weight Watchers you will get guidance from others who have been successful in the program. It is nice to have someone who has been there and done that share their life experiences with you.

You will get the support that you need from your peers, they will offer you strategies to help you reach your goal and help you to stay on track.

Weight Watchers offers online apps and digital tools to motivate, encourage and propel you toward controlling your weight.

What I like about Weight Watchers is the fact that they understand that you can’t give up everything you love to eat, and they help you to incorporate your favorites into your life.

You can go to meetings in your area or you can do your thing online at your convenience. However, this program may not be for everyone. I had success using the program, but quit going to meetings and fell back into the same patterns I had before Weight Watchers.

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Calorie Counting

When I was a younger adult my mother introduced me to the calorie counting way of weight loss. This worked for me at the time. What is calorie counting? I am sure that almost all of you know that that it. It is a method by which you set a calorie limit for yourself daily and do not go over that limit.

Everything has a certain amount of calories; some things are very high in calories and others, like lettuce, not so much. This method can encourage healthy eating, because most fruits and vegetables are low in calories when eaten raw. When you cook you can add a lot of calories without even realizing it.

When I used this method of weight loss I would set a limit of around 1200 calories per day. Honestly, that is not much when you sit down and think about it. One soda contains around 150 calories per 12 ounce can. So, you end up altering what you are eating in order to eat more and feel full. Let’s face it; we all know that sodas are empty calories.

Forks over Knives

The list of weight loss programs out there goes on and on, the list seems endless. What is the right one for you? I don’t think that anyone can tell you that. I feel you have to figure that out on your own because everyone is different what works great for one person may not work at all for another.

I have decided to try a program called Forks over Knives. This program was introduced to me by a friend and it sounds like something that may work for me. I have noticed over the past few years I have naturally moved away from eating a lot of meats. This is not something that I have done on purpose it just seems that I gravitate toward the fruits and vegetables more. I am not a vegetarian I do like meat and I will eat it in small amounts.

Forks over Knives is a program that teaches you about your body and what it is designed to do. Did you know that if you eat a potato you don’t need to eat that piece of meat? Your body is not designed to eat both forms of proteins at the same time. If you eat a piece of meat leave the potato and vice versa.

I am looking into this program because I have naturally moved away from meats in my diet, so I think this may be the right choice for me. This program doesn’t tell you not to eat meats, just to eat less of them and what to eat with them or in place of them.

Bypass Surgeries and Restrictive Surgeries

If you are looking for a weight loss surgery there are several to look into. The first one and the least invasive of the surgeries is the restrictive surgery. This is where the doctor places a band around the stomach making the stomach smaller and therefore restricting the amount of food that can be consumed.

The gastric band is the simplest and the safest of the weight loss surgeries. However, people who use this method of weight loss seem to have slower weight loss than those who choose the gastric bypass surgery, and are more likely to gain back the weight they have lost.

Gastric bypass surgery is very invasive and can cause a good deal of problems. These surgeries change the way you take in your food and restrict the size of the stomach. When this surgery is done the doctor removes parts of the digestive tract which makes it harder for your body to absorb calories. However, keep in mind that not only will you not absorb calories but you will not be able to absorb nutrients as well.


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