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Fat Burning Challenge For a Flat Belly. Lose Muffin Top and Love Handles.

Updated on March 12, 2014

Getting a Flat Stomach

Like a lot of people I have more belly fat than I want. I have what is referred to as love handles or a muffin top. The fat around my waist bulges out over the waistband of the pants or shorts that I am wearing. For me extra belly fat is easy to get but very hard to get rid of. I am fairly lean because I work at keeping the fat off but I can still grab a handful of belly fat. This time I really wanted a flat stomach.

Fat Loss Goals

Goals should be achievable. Lots of people have flat stomachs and I have lost fat around my belly before. So getting a flat stomach was possible for me. Goals should also be measurable. It is easy for me to tell if I have lost a significant amount of fat. I used a ruler to measure the amount of fat bulging over the waistband on my pants and took some pictures. It is also important for goals to have deadlines. I tend to do much better when I have time limits.

I set a three week time limit because I thought it would motivate me to get closer to achieving my goal everyday. Accomplishing goals takes work. Before I take action I need to be thinking about it. I wrote down my goal and a to do list. Then I placed it where I would keep seeing it. I also tried to keep thinking about my goal all day long to reduce the chances of me sabotaging myself. Every day I thought about my fat loss goal, took action and kept track of my progress.

If you can measure in small increments it is easier to see the results of your work on a daily basis. That is why I chose to check my progress using millimeters. Ten millimeters make up one centimeter. One centimeter equals approximately 0.4 or 7/16 of an inch. Millimeters are small enough that you don't need to worry about fractions or decimals. It is possible to lose a millimeter of fat everyday.

The Challenge

The first part of the challenge was to consume fewer calories by mostly avoiding junk foods and high calorie drinks. By drinking mostly water and eating little or no dessert I could reduce the amount of calories I consume on a daily basis by over 600 calories. The second part of the challenge was to burn approximately 1,000 calories a day while exercising. That would make a difference of over 1,600 calories a day which is nearly half a pound per day. 3,500 calories is roughly equal to 1 pound. In three weeks I should lose about 9.6 pounds of fat.

For the exercises I choose running, biking, shadow boxing and Wii Sports. Running and biking are at the top of my list for exercises that burn the most calories per minute. I choose shadow boxing and Wii sports because they focus on my upper body. My goal was 200 calories biking, 600 calories running and 200 calories playing Wii or shadow boxing. If my legs needed a break I would make up the difference by working out my upper body more.

Before diet and exercise.
Before diet and exercise. | Source
After diet and exercise.
After diet and exercise. | Source


Drinking water instead of high calorie drinks and skipping dessert or only having really small portions was much easier than I thought it would be. I had no trouble reducing the amount of empty calories I consumed. Burning 1,000 calories per day was difficult but I managed it by giving myself lots of time.I used my exercise bike in the morning. After supper I ran and played Wii Sports or shadow boxed. For the Wii Sports games I mostly played the boxing and baseball training games.

Now I have a flat stomach. In 21 days I lost 43 millimeters or 1.7 inches of belly fat. That is just measuring how far the belly fat sticks out. Each day I lost 2 millimeters of fat on average. My weight decreased by 3 pounds and I had to start wearing a belt to keep my pants from falling down. Three pounds is not a lot but my muscle weight increased.

I probably lost around 9 pounds of fat and gained 6 pounds of muscle. In three weeks I had lost almost all the fat I wanted to get rid of. I tried to lose a bit more fat on the 4th week but I did not have much luck. So I decided to start a new routine. For my next challenge I am going to build some muscle by doing 100 push ups a day. It should help me get rid of the last little bit of fat that I want to get rid of while making my muscles bigger and stronger. I want to gain 20 pounds of muscle.

© 2014 Michael H


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    • techygran profile image

      Cynthia 3 years ago from Vancouver Island, Canada

      Congratulations to you! In three weeks, you accomplished a lot. I appreciate your setting out the psychology and the methodology, and I really admire your discipline. I 'move' (walk and rebound) 5 miles a day, but am actually a fairly sedentary woman in my 60s, so anything more feels like torture. However, you ARE inspiring. Thank you for the great hub!