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Fat? Go to Weight Loss Camp!

Updated on January 29, 2010

I was in the gym this morning running (ok, walking) on the treadmill when a commercial for a weight loss camp flashed across the television. First of all, I thought it was interesting that it was called a camp…as I remember them being called "fat farms" (once again, I am dating myself!). I can clearly remember my dad saying…"if you eat too many donuts your mother and I will have to send you off to a fat farm." Nice, huh!? Now that I think about it…weight loss camp does sound much better…not as negative and mean as "fat farm!"

No Magic Pills or Potions!

Losing weight is hard, trust me, I know! My wife battles her weight constantly (though I think she looks wonderful) and always seems to be complaining about how difficult it is for her to drop even a few pounds. Unfortunately, there are no magic powders or potions (that I know of) that you can drink, eat, inject, etc…in order to lose weight. Unless you have a diagnosed medical condition that is causing you to pack on the pounds, most likely, you are overweight because you eat too much and exercise too little. It is that simple! I guess that is why the weight loss camp commercial that I saw while exercising this morning intrigued me. Weight loss camps seem to be based around good nutrition and moving your body. Of course, they also teach you how to mentally deal with eating issues, which is a big part of the weight loss process. After all, if you don't figure out WHY you over eat and the psychology behind your eating habits, then, most likely, you will go right back to your "old ways" once you leave the camp.

Camp La Jolla

Camp La Jolla is a fitness camp located in, yes, that's right…La Jolla, California. They offer a wide variety of weight loss programs including a fun "fitness vacation" for women, weight loss camps for teen boys and girls, a basic weight loss camp for adults and also weight loss camps for pre-teens! Sounds like they have something for everyone (too bad they don't have a camp for old Beagles as my hound, Penny, has become quite the porker!). In all seriousness, Camp La Jolla offers unique programs that will not only teach you how to eat properly; they will also design a fitness program just for you. Wonderful! They also address self-esteem issues and help you to develop a new attitude and approach towards exercise. While all of this is wonderful…it is quite expensive! Two weeks of weight loss camp can drain your bank account of approximately $4300. That's a lot of pizza, oops, I mean money! Then again, can you really put a price on your health and happiness!?

Visit your doctor before starting ANY weight loss program!
Visit your doctor before starting ANY weight loss program!

Losing Weight...Not Easy!

I must admit that weight loss camps sound wonderful….especially for those individuals who truly need help when it comes to eating and exercise. Though expensive, weight loss camp may be just what some people need in order to get their weight, not to mention, their lives on track. Losing weight is NOT easy and many people struggle on a daily basis. If I had a DIME for every time I said…"tomorrow, I'm going to start a new diet…and stick to it," I'd be one rich man. Losing weight is not only about eating healthier and exercising; it is about changing your brain and looking at food (and exercise) in a whole new way. NOT an EASY THING TO DO! If you are thinking about going to a weight loss camp, do your homework and a LOT of research. If possible, talk to people who actually attended the camp that you are interested in and get their honest opinion. Most importantly, before starting ANY weight loss program, make an appointment with your doctor and get a complete physical. Better to be safe rather than sorry!

Good luck with your weight loss….and your NEW WAY OF LIFE!!!!


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      BMG 6 years ago from timor laste

      you're right...losing weight is not easy like increasing