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Fat Loss And Muscle Building Exercises: Turn It Into A Fun Addictive Game

Updated on May 15, 2012

Video Games

Video games are really popular now. So I am going to focus on them. People don't need encouragement or will power to spend a lot of time playing video games. They play the games because they enjoy playing them. In popularity they are comparable to TV shows and movies. Some people play video games almost every day. I often play video games 3 or 4 days a week. They are a good way to pass the time but they can be addictive.

One thing that video games have in common is that people eventually get tired of them. Play a game long enough and it will lose its appeal. When that happens it is time for a new game or an old game that has not been played in a while. Since video games make a lot of money they are constantly making new ones. Old games can easily be replaced.



Given a choice between playing games and exercising most people would choose to play games. Exercise is often thought of as boring and painful. So many people would rather do something else. The people that do try exercising on a daily basis often lose interest quickly. Time spent playing games and watching TV usually takes away from time spent being physically active.

There are lots of different exercises you can do. So you can move from one exercise to the next.

Worth While Goals

Worth while goals are important to a game. The player needs a good reason to take action and overcome the obstacles in their way. The goal needs to be worth the time and effort they spend attempting to achieve it.

For a game a worth while goal could be to save a village from a dragon. When exercising it also helps if you have big worth while goals. Improving your health and obtaining a lean muscular body is a good goal that is worth the required time and effort. If you are working towards a goal that does excite you then find something that does.

Going on the scale and seeing that I lost 5 pounds does not excite me. So I would have trouble exercising every day just to lose 5 pounds. Improving my body interests me. I did not have any problems exercising every day so I could do one handed push-ups and I did not lose interest in my goal when I wanted to run 12.5 miles on my elliptical trainer. The only reason I was able to bike to a beach that was 37 miles away was because I wanted to bike to one of the best beaches in Canada.


Games that have a lot of repetition can become boring very quickly. Doing the same thing over and over again is not fun. When that happens you are just going through the motions. It starts to feel more like work than play and you begin to think about other things you could be doing. People often get bored of exercise for the same reason. They don't want to do the same thing over and over again. There is a lot of repetition in exercise but you can reduce the repetitiveness or make it more interesting by keeping your mind occupied.

One way to reduce the number of repetition is to increase the intensity. You can speed up the pace or increase the resistance. For example instead of doing 30 push-ups you could do 10 incline push-ups on a set of stairs. Another way is to alternate exercises. As a workout routine you could do push-ups, jump rope, lift weights, shadow box, run and then gradually slow down. To make the repetitive parts that do not require a lot of thought more interesting you could watch TV or listen to music.

Man doing one handed push-ups
Man doing one handed push-ups | Source
Marathon runners
Marathon runners | Source


Games offer a series of challenges. They are mostly cognitive because you use your mind more than your body. To avoid frustrating the user they start off at an easy or moderate difficulty level. Then the level of difficulty increases when the player progresses through the game. As the player learns and adapts they are given more difficult challenges so the game does not become easy or stale. It makes things more interesting and keeps people coming back for more.

Exercise also offers a series of challenges but they are both mental and physical. If the exercises are too difficult you could become frustrated or hurt yourself. If the exercise is too easy you will probably get bored and stop doing it. To keep yourself interested and to make sure you get closer to achieving your goals the challenges should not become easier as your abilities increase.

Move on to bigger and better challenges or switch to something you are not good at yet. Continue to push yourself so you can improve. Easy challenges are boring. Difficult challenges can be exciting.

Stress And Anger

Games are a good distraction. When you are focused on a good game you are not thinking about the things that stressed you out or made you angry earlier. Being focused and being in the moment is one of the best ways to reduce stress and anger. You can take a brief vacation from your problems by immersing yourself in a game. Exercising is also good way to reduce stress and anger. It takes your focus away from your problems like games do but it also causes your body to release feel good chemicals.


Games can become addictive because of the rewards. You accomplish things in the game and are rewarded emotionally. There is a sense of accomplishment after improving a skill, completing a difficult task, learning something or getting to a new area. You may also obtain special items or improve your character. Winning feels good.

With exercise you can be rewarded emotionally and physically. After learning new things, improving your abilities, and completing difficult tasks you can enjoy the feeling that you accomplished something. It can also give you a better body. You can get rid of fat, build muscle and cause your immune system to work better. Getting sick less often is a nice reward.


A good game will get you going right away and keep you active and focused. It will keep your attention from the start to finish. You will want to go from one challenge to the next without stopping. When you exercise it should be intense enough to keep your attention and you should feel like you are moving towards your goals. If you just want to relax walking may be enough but if you are trying to build muscle or lose fat the exercise should be more intense. When I tried losing weight by walking I felt like I was wasting my time. The pace was too slow.



Games are always better when they are visually stunning and there is a number of distinct locations. These locations can set the mood and provide some variety to the experience. When exercising it is a good idea to do it in different places. Exercising inside at home is a lot different than exercising at a gym or outside. Different locations offers different exercise opportunities and their own ambiance.


While playing a game you can experience a wide range of emotions. Often you will experience the emotions that they want you to experience like fear, anger, happiness and sadness. The changes can be sudden. With the right exercise routine you can experience those emotions while you exercise. For instance you could experience a lot of different emotions by going white water rafting. Exercising at home does not usually give you that range of emotions. To experience the highs and lows you should get outside.


Games can be a good for socializing with a few people. You can play with friends and family or even with strangers if you go online. The people you play with changes the experiences. It is the same with exercise. You can play sports or do recreational activities with other people.

Exercise As A Game

If you make exercising more like a fun addictive game and then change the exercises once in a while so it is like a getting a new game then you would not need to force yourself to exercise. You would look forward to it. Look at the games you like and incorporate the attributes of those games into your exercise routine. Start with worth while goals and make reaching your goals a fun game.

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