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Fat. The Myths, The Truth, and Why It Is Good

Updated on June 23, 2013

Over the last decade or longer, there has been so much in the news, and at the doctor's office, about how fat is bad, and low fat diets are good.

Did anyone notice how many people started having trouble losing weight when they cut the fat out of their diets? There is a perfectly sound, logical, nutritional reason for that. Their bodies thought they were starving!

Recently it has started to come to light that "not all fat is bad". EFAs (essential fatty acids)stepped into the lime light and become all the rage. While EFAs are vitally important to our body's health and vitality, so is fat

Natural Combinations

So many times fat is combined within a food for a reason.

Take eggs for example. The old research said that the whites were the healthy part, and we should throw out the yolks. It turns out that a high percentage of people can not handle the biotin in the white without the other substance in the yolk at the same time.

All right, I admit it. I am NOT a doctor, I just play one in my house. My other excuse for not remembering the name of the "thing" in the yolk... I'm allergic to eggs, remember? What would I care?!

Toxin Police

My point about fat is that it plays several vital functions in our bodies.

Among other things that I may not even be aware of, is the fact that fat binds up free toxins in our bodies, and safely carries them out... sometimes. The rest of the time it safely binds those toxins up so that they aren't running around creating havoc on our systems!

Energy To Burn

Another really vital function that fat fulfills is providing energy.

That's right, it turns out that our bodies get quick, healthy energy from fat.
Carbohydrates are a poor substitute for the real thing!

I do have some bad news for you though....
If you are not getting a fresh intake of fat for energy, and you are either burning fat cells quickly or using carbohydrates for energy, your body thinks there is a famine.

That's right, your body thinks you are starving. Now it spends all of its time trying to convince you to eat as much as you can, while it packs away as much as it can into fat cells. This does serve a necessary function! The purpose of this is to provide you with needed nutrition when the food runs completely out, like when there is a famine.

UMMMMM... would somebody please tell my body that I have plenty of food in my cabinets?!

Moist and Soft

Last on my list, but not least in importance, on the list of vital roles of fat is moisture.

Most people are still teaching that if your body is too dry, it is because you are not getting enough water. You know, dry skin, chapped lips, static hair, dry throat.... This is also known as low level dehydration.

You do need water, but more isn't always what is missing! For most people, it is the fat that is missing.

Fat helps moisturize our bodies and keeps everything running smoothly, much like a car's engine needs oil to keep running smoothly.

Don't Forget The Flavor

Oh, I almost forgot. Just one more really important thing to know about fat. In all my years of baking and cooking, I have noticed that without the fat, the flavor fades and disappears.

Our bodies have this cool way of experiencing a different flavor sensation depending on what nutrients we are needing. With fat, my family has found that it tastes sweet when we are needing it. When our fat vats (LOL) are full, the fat no longer tastes sweet. In fact, it can almost become repulsive!

High Quality Fat

I am not talking about any old generic, run of the mill fat here.

As with anything that touches or goes into your body, you should always get the highest quality you can. Your body is a temple, it is where YOU have to spend your entire life. Wouldn't you rather have a shiny, clean, well running body to live in?

High quality fats would at best be raw, and at minimum be chemical free. You can get wonderful healthy fats from fruits such as avocados, coconuts,and olives; from seeds such as sunflower seeds, and nuts such as walnuts and cashews. (Peanuts are not a nut, they are a legume. And being so highly allergenic, I choose not to use them as an example.)

Remember, fats are your friend. They keep your body flowing smoothily, and running in optimal order. Next time you are wondering, trust your instincts and indulge!


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    • Olya1 profile image

      Olya1 5 years ago from Melbourne - Australia

      Great article - thank you. I became overweight 23 years ago, when I changed our diet to low fat, because that was the hype back then. I was 38 and had just given birth to my third child, I have been yo-yo-ing ever since. .... I was slim throughout my whole pregnancy and soon after birth just exploded. I Eat good quality fats now, (have been for 13 years) and try to eat low carb, but no sooner do I lose the weight, it seems to find me again.

    • anglnwu profile image

      anglnwu 8 years ago

      I'm not a doctor too, but one interested in healthy eating and lifestyle. Fats have gotten a bad rep in the human quest for weight control. They think that limiting fats is the solution to the problem, not realizing there's such a thing as balance and moderation. God created fats (the healthy kinds--monounsaturated fats) for a reason and you just explained why we need them very well.

      Good information presented in an interesting way--nice.