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25+ Unhealthy Health Foods to Avoid

Updated on August 26, 2016

French fries

French Fries
French Fries | Source

Fattening Food to avoid

Fattening food has negative influence on our health, energy and performance. We find ourselves open to opportunistic diseases and other health challenges.

Diseases like hypertension palpitation of the heart, stress and even diabetes. Most food that makes us fat is delicious and loaded with calorie or fat.

Healthy food and Daily Nutritional Needs

As there are healthy food sources we also have foods that make us overweight. Recognizing this fatty food is important if we want to stay healthy.

Unfortunately it seems fun and tasty meals, sweets and treats are major culprits. Fried fast food, juicy stake buried in carbohydrate constitute a major contributory factor to obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

Daily Nutritional Requirements

The daily nutritional needs of people depend on the sex, age and height. Other parameters are weight, activity, inactive or mildly active.

Various vitamins, nutrients and calorie requirements are calculated based on those parameters. The calorie count should not exceed 2500 daily.

Deep frying

Deep frying food or snacks amount for high number of saturated fat.
Deep frying food or snacks amount for high number of saturated fat. | Source

Food Loaded With Saturated Fat

Food fried in ground nut oil, coconut oil, palm oil or butter is bad. When food is deep fried in contains lots of saturated fat.

Fries like potatoes, deep fried chicken, popcorn, red meat might have upwards of 85% saturated fat content. Instead avoid deep frying rather boil, microwave, steam or smoke.

This effectively reduces the prevalence of harmful agents in the meal. Eating large portions of such meals increases the amount of saturated fat and calories.

Fast food buggers causes health issues especially the fat chunky beefy ones.

Hot dog with homemade hot dog bun

Hot dog with homemade hot dog bun
Hot dog with homemade hot dog bun | Source

Beef Buggers and Hotdogs

Hotdogs and beef buggers are food sources you should try to avoid or indulge with care. As you grow older your metabolic rate declines including physical activity declines.

Therefore eating fast foods only add to your health problems. Hotdogs and beef burgers have high calories brought about by unhealthy saturated fat during the cooking process.

They are sometimes loaded with mushrooms, bacon, fried onions, and luncheon meat. It is better to binge on lean meat, steamed meat or beef fried in cooking olive oil. This reduces the negative aspects of such fast food meals.

The protein found in this kind of meals will not necessarily make you overweight. However the saturated fat from the frying can cause heart related ailments.

Try to reduce the amount of chips, corn chips, popcorn, fried potatoes because they are fattening food and eating regularly only adds unwanted pounds.

Top 10 Unhealthy Health Foods

Turkey Bacon Double

Turkey Bacon Double
Turkey Bacon Double

Avoid Pastries

Pastries are predominantly made out of flour, sugar, butter, and margarine. The pastry is delivered as one tasty calorie filled food.

Pastries though delicious are a disaster waiting to happen. It has all the negative aspects like fat gaining sugar and flour.

Rather than eat pastries or white bread for breakfast drink lots of pure orange and pineapple juice. East a slice of wheat bread a boiled egg and avoid cakes.

Refined white flour should be avoided and excluded from our meals because they lack adequate nutrients. Rather eat sandwiches, muffins, light cream and cheese are better alternatives. Drink lots of water which helps with digestion and regulates the body.

Avoid eating cakes because they are full of butter, sugar, icing sugar, chocolate and flour. Cakes also have lots of eggs and flavoring like vanilla or strawberry which are usually concentrates and act like Sweeteners.

Doughnuts are another food that should be eaten in moderation it contain saturated fat from frying and flour.

Culinique Ice Cream Cake

Culinique Ice Cream Cake
Culinique Ice Cream Cake | Source



Drink Low Fat Milk

Use skim milk instead of whole grain milk during breakfast and reduce the calorie intake. Whole milk has lots of saturated fat the main culprit in cholesterol intake.

Drink low fat milk, yogurt, skim milk, or green tea instead of coca drinks. However you may drink moderate amount of coffee.

Whole milk contains dissolved carbohydrates, lipids, lactose and protein including fatty acids and vitamins. The saturated fat level in cow, goat and sheep range 2.4 in cows to 3.8 in sheep and cholesterol levels between 10mg to 14mg.

Condensed milk should be removed from your list of groceries because of the increased amount of sugar introduced into the milk. Even flavored milk and milkshakes can cause added weight if not properly monitored.

Not all milk products are healthy some contribute to obesity. Some examples are sugar flavored yogurt, whole milk, sour cream, ice cream and frozen yogurt.

List of Fattening and Non Fattening Food

Fattening Food
Fat Burning Food
Non Fattening Food
Fried Chicken
Mayonnaise and Salads
Whole Grain
Ice cream and treats
Meat pie, Hot dog

Fattening Food to Avoid

Fatty food you should avoid includes food that contains saturated fat, lots of sugar and calories.

A list of a few things to avoid

1 Alcoholic drink

2 Avoid Pastries

3 Avoid whole Milk

4 Avoid fast food

5 Avoid anything fried

6 Avoid energy drinks, soft drinks and Alcohol

Alcoholic Drinks

Alcohol has a tendency to add weight to your midsections as belly fat. It leads to health issues like diabetes and eye problems.

Moderate drinking should not have any notable health problems. The question you need to answer is what is considered moderate drinking.

Alcoholic, soft drinks and beverages have lots of unhealthy sugar. Rather drink fruits such as oranges and watermelon. Mid-range alcoholic drinks such as energy drinks add pounds and complicate health.

21 Fattening Food to Avoid

  • Popcorn-Popcorn is loaded with to much trans and saturated fat. Adding butter only increases the calorie intake.
  • Coffee Drinks-although coffee has many important health benefits it introduces lots of carbohydrates into your body.
  • Bagel contains over 55g of carbohydrate per serving
  • Milk Chocolates
  • French dressings
  • Pasta Dishes such as spaghetti with meat balls account for 900 calories per serving
  • Milkshakes has lots of saturated fat
  • Burgers and Big Macs has 10g-19g saturated fat
  • Sausage Meat has over 10g saturated fat
  • Doughnuts are full of cholesterol
  • Ice Cream has 200mg-230mg cholesterol
  • Bacon carries 14mg cholesterol per serving
  • Pizzas
  • Salty snacks
  • Cheese has large amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol
  • Diet Cola is not particularly healthy. Instead drink freshly squeezed fruit juice.
  • Packaged chips
  • Rich dressing
  • Ketchup
  • Yogurt
  • Pancakes
  • Packaged cookies
  • Fast foods


Drinks produced using natural sweeteners such as pineapples, oranges and strawberries are ideal. Binge on fruits or vegetables and avoid drenching your vegetables in salad cream or mayonnaise.

Don’t substitute freshly squeezed fruits with canned fruits or syrups. They are not healthy because of additives introduced into the mix.

Eat healthy meals, do lots of exercise and drink lots of water to attain the weight and lifestyle you desire.

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