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Fear - The Mother Of All Motivators

Updated on September 15, 2014

Desire is Good... But

If you think desire is what makes you a success in life, you're delusional.

If you have reached all your goals, you are happy, fit, and have all the money you could ever want, then you can stop reading now.

If you don't have these things, you might just want to keep reading.

I am merely suggesting that if desire was enough to get you what you want, then why don't you have those things?

The answer is fairly simple. It is because desire is not enough. It takes more than desire.

Hopefully this is good news for some of you. You will finally learn the truth, and the truth can make you free.

Others of you will just get mad and go about your lives, doing what you have always done and getting what you have always gotten... content to sit in your Lazy Boy recliner and watch your big screen TV. That's fine.

Really, consider this. If we live in the land of opportunity, what is keeping us from achieving our desires? What is it that can get us there?

Talent Is Not Enough Either

No, talent is not the prime reason that motivates most people. That is not to say that someone with talent will not be noticed, but there are loads of talented individuals holding down dead end jobs with no hope of advancement to their ultimate fantasy land.

Will Smith, famous actor, who began as "The Fresh Prince of Belaire," has been proclaiming this premise all over TV land. He claims that he is not one of the most talented actors, yet he continues to land some of the best parts in movies.

Smith claims that it is work ethic that leads to supreme advancement. While work ethic will get you much farther than waiting for your ship to come in via the Lotto, it still may not be the supreme motivator.

Fear - It's the Motivator of All Time

The greatest motivator for an undisciplined person is fear, and fear
comes in many forms.

Physical or psychological fear is often the motivator for becoming
self-disciplined when it comes to exercise and healthy eating.

Financial fear such as burdening debt can be the motivator for
having the self-discipline to work when you're tired or sick, or
when you'd rather be out having fun.

Marital or relationship fear that comes from a lost love can give
you the self-discipline to be a better partner when love comes your
way again.

Fear of any type is a powerful, empowering motivational factor in
the change and goal achieving process.

Consider this list:

  • Fear of debt
  • Fear of foreclosure
  • Fear of a lost love
  • Fear of lost years
  • Fear of lost opportunity
  • Fear of obesity
  • Fear of high blood pressure
  • Fear of decreasing sales and profits
  • Fear of lost customers
  • Fear of an undesirable future...

Psychologists have known about this for a long time. Behavioral psychologists have helped clients with motivational techniques that actually "manufactured" fear so that they would be moved in the direction of avoiding their fears by accomplishing their goals.

Fear Can Move You In Only Two Directions

Think about it.

There are only two directions when faced with Fear. You can either move toward the fear or away from the fear.

Most people choose to move away from the fear. They retreat to their place of comfort. It is their veggie state - my wife calls it my cave - in front of the TV or computer (or where ever yours is). It's where you can make believe the problem or situation does not exist. You can ignore it and hope it goes away.

The other way you can go is toward the fear. This is when you actually recognize what you are dealing with and take positive action to make sure that the fear does not become a reality. This is where successful people go. They are always advancing, not retreating.

So... which way are YOU going???


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