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Feeling Tired Even After Plenty of Sleep? How to Feel More Energetic During the Day

Updated on April 24, 2019
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Darkness at night

Do you feel tired even after you have had plenty of sleep? Perhaps you have had eight or more hours of sleep the previous night but you still feel tired. We've all been there before on some occasion- feeling tired even after we thought we had a good night's sleep.

There are many possible factors contributing to this feeling of tiredness, Predominantly, you might be mistaken if you think you slept well. To truly improve your quality of sleep, you should sleep in a completely dark room. Black out shades or drapes will help with this issue and ensure that extra light such as car lights and street lights from outside do not stream into your bedroom, Additionally, keep your bedroom door closed especially if you keep other house lights such as hallway lights on during the night. Besides for turning off overhead light and lamps, be sure that there is no blue light from a television or computer screen active in your room. An eye mask for sleep is also especially recommended. With all these elements in play, you will have sufficient darkness for sleep.

Eliminate as much noise as possible. Some individuals that are very sensitive to noise might even wear ear plugs.

Make sure your sleep is as uninterrupted as possible. It is said that it takes 60-90 minutes to reach the state of REM, the deepest state of sleep where dream activity might begin. Essentially, you haven't truly slept if you are awaken for whatever reason just 30 minutes after lying down.

Be sure that you are sleeping on the right mattress for your maximum comfort. Listen to your body and any aches and pains or general discomfort you might feel. Physical achiness in the morning will contribute to your general feeling of tiredness.

So whether you prefer a soft or firm mattress, invest in the right one for you and replace your mattress in a timely manner (6-8 years maximum) as needed. Be sure that the supportive coils and springs are in top shape. As it begins to wear, rotate your mattress and turn it over as needed to refresh its supportive feeling. A mattress pad such as a foam one can offer supplemental and satisfying comfort and support. These pads can be purchased for as little as $80 from on-line shopping websites such as and they are well worth the investment.

Keep your bedroom clutter free. A calm and pretty bedrom environment will mitigate stress and help you fall asleep faster. Use colors and d├ęcor that make you feel good in your room.

Finally, with the ideal bedroom atmosphere, your quality of sleep should improve greatly.

With regard to the "blue light" mentioned before, eliminate your exposure to it at least one hour before you go to sleep. That is turn off your television and computer one hour before bed. It would also be encouraging to not watch anything too scary/violent last thing before sleep. It truly might affect your dream state and you might quite possibly find yourself waking up after a nightmare.

Drink lots of water throughout your day, but not right before bed. Some diet gurus recommend drinking water before bed for flushing and cleansing your system but it can cause you to have to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Going to the bathroom right before bed is also good.

Sunshine during the day

After double checking and remedying your actual quality of sleep, you have reached your day. In the day time, it will be the opposite. Surround yourself with as much light as possible if you would like to feel energized. This is especially true for natural light. Go outside in the sunshine and you will feel very refreshed and energized. If indoors, pull your drapes aside and lift your shades.

Many people turn to caffeine for energy but the effects are only temporary. Caffeine and sugar can make you 'crash' later and feel worse than you did before you ingested them. Use caffeine and sugar sparingly if at all.

Take a multivitamin in the morning. You can shop around and find a women's one a day or men's one a day vitamin that is best catered to you. For a feeling of energy and balance and for nervous system strength, you should especially look for a multivitamin that it abundant in B vitamins.

It is very important to exercise even if you have only a few minutes a day to dedicate to it. You will especially feel energized with aerobic exercise that gets your heart rate up. Running, brisk walking and swimming are all recommended. Maybe, listen to an upbeat song on your ipod while you walk or run.

Be sure to keep engaged in some activities without overwhelming yourself too much. Sometimes, individuals feel like tiredness comes over them when it is really boredom that is making them sleepy. If you have an actual loss of desire to engage in work, hobbies and entertainment activities, then the tiredness and lack of desire to be active can be due to depression. Other possible health concerns that contribute to tiredness are an abnormally functioning thyroid, fibromyalgia, and a host of other conditions so if your tiredness does not improve with your own remedies, you should definitely see a doctor without further delay.


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