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Feijoa is the best nutritious fruit to take during pregnancy

Updated on June 7, 2011

The nine month journey of pregnancy is always filled with anxiety as well as joys. Joy and happiness comes in the form of knowing that there is a little one growing inside of you, and fears and anxiety comes in many ways such as wondering whether your pregnancy will be full term, whether your baby is alright, whether you are eating healthy foods for the baby e.t.c.

In order to fully enjoy the benefits of pregnancy, it is very important for every pregnant mother to be extra cautious when eating, since the food and its nutrients are passed down to the little unborn baby through the umbilical cord. It is recommended that one should take foods rich in nutrients essential during pregnancy for the growth and development of the fetus.

Apart from indulging into occasional food cravings, an expectant mother should consume fresh vegetables, drink lots of nutritious juices and remember to always take fresh fruits every day. This is because studies have shown that fruits and vegetables hold strong powers in taking excellent care of the fetus throughout the pregnancy in situations where one reduces intake of other foods such as rice, pasta, bread, corn and the like.

Feijoa is an excellent and most appropriate fruit to take during pregnancy. It is related to the guava family though it’s taste is similar to a pineapple. The fruit has a cream, soft and gelatinous pulp, the center of feijoa is filled with soft seed that are eaten.

Properties in feijoa. It contains small amounts of fat and proteins. The carbohydrates in feijoa are great in quantity. The fruit is very rich in Vitamin C, 20mg and also contains small amounts of the vitamins B and minerals.

Preparing and using feijoa. Feijoa can be taken raw. First it has to be cleaned and peeled. Feijoa can also be used in culinary preparations such as in juices, jams and compotes.

Benefits of feijoa during pregnancy. Feijoa is the most ideal fruit during pregnancy because:

1. Folates. Feijoa is among the fruits that are very rich in folates that are essential in the formation of blood cells. it is recommended that every woman of childbearing age should be consuming adequate amounts of folic and feijoa is one rich source. Lack of folates during pregnancy could lead to anemia as well as other birth defects.

2. Fiber. Since feijoa is rich in vegetable fiber, it is recommended for the treatment of constipation which normally occurs during pregnancy and after birth.

3. Iodine. Iodine’s content in feijoa is 50mg-100mg. this content is much greater than in other fruits and also in fresh water. Iodine is very important during the period of gestation in all life beings.

Though not liked by all, when pregnant it is wise to add one or two feijoa in your diet in a weekly basis for the good development of your unborn child and for the good health of both of you.

For those who are not yet pregnant and those trying to conceive it is wise to eat lots of vegetables and fruits rich in folic to prepare your body to have a strong and healthy system for conceiving a child, you never know when the little one will be formed.


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