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Female Korean Celebrity Weight Loss and Diet Plans

Updated on July 22, 2016

This is the second part to my first hub on how female Kpop idol as well as actresses gone through their diets and exercises to maintain their slim figure. There are some unhealthy ways of dieting here but I'm just going to share it anyway and may you be the judge to which you prefer.

1. 2NE1's MINZY

Minzy used to be cute and adorable when she first debut, but now she appears to be more mature and feminine. In one of 2NE1's interview Minzy shared that,

  • "I don't know if it's because I am still young but I lost more baby fat."
  • She reveals that she decreased her intake of carbohydrates and focused on working out.
  • There are times when she doesn’t eat anything at all when she goes on a diet.
  • She advised that if you decrease your intake of carbohydrates, you can eat a little bit and still lose weight.

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2. 2NE1's CL

CL is considered to be one of the most charismatic leader as she plays the role of being a rapper among her member. In the same interview as Minzy previously she mention that,

  • "Starting a year or two ago, I began to take 30 minutes out of my day to meditate. After I meditate, I felt like I can spend my day more peacefully and meaningfully. It is a time to invest in myself."
  • A little while after her debut, she realized that she needs to take time for herself.
  • Sometimes she meditates in her car for the times when she's really busy."


Suzy the “nation’s first love” are known for her innocent and beautiful complexion. On a TV show called "Section TV", she reveals her dieting method to stay in shape. She mention that,

  • There's nothing really special that she do, she eat everything that she desire for but she try to avoid eating dinner.
  • However, when she's tired, she really has a craving for midnight snacks. Ramen is usually on her mind. She says “I want to become a woman that's like ramen. A woman with temptations that you can never deny. "
  • She also added that when she's dieting, she gets encouragement by thinking of Lee Hyori's figure.


A PINK members once revealed their dieting method that they gone through before their "Hush" comeback. As a result, Bomi and Yookyung lost about 4 to 5 kg.

  • Before making their return with "Hush", the girls thoroughly prepared to hit the stage by utilizing a meal plan that consisted of sweet potatoes and eggs.
  • As a special side, they revealed that they'll sometimes have blanched octopus.
  • The girls were strict about not eating after 6 p.m. and pursued additional exercise on top of their daily choreography routine.

I also found an article about their predebut dieting method from

Here's a simplified version of what the articles says.

Breakfast: radish stock soup or brown rice, and 40g of sugarless cereal.

Lunch: corn or sweet potatoes and two bananas.

If they're still unbearably hungry, the members are allowed to eat buckwheat noodle soup.

At 5 PM: dinner of salad (lettuce, three baby tomatoes).

Inevitably, they're still hungry after a day of intense rehearsals, so they'll still snack on bananas or nuts like almonds throughout their practice.

After rehearsal ends, they quiet their hunger pangs by going straight to sleep when they return to their dorms.


Sistar is famous for their fit and very active members especially Bora. Here, I'm going to share a few tips of one of the member of Sistar, Dasom. Dasom reveals she's only eating one meal a day for her diet. She revealed that,

  • Since she's in a girl group, she has to have an intense diet.
  • She also like doing weight training and aerobic exercises.
  • She eats her dinner+lunch at around 4pm.
  • When she sees herself on the show, she would adjust her diet method according to how she looks.


Hyosung made a comeback a few months back and before her comeback, she went through a diet as many Kpop idols do before their comeback.

She reveals her diet food on SNS, she says, “These days I eat tofu salad, I want to eat rice. It's only until this week. "

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Son Dam Bi reveals she lost 7kg by eating one meal a day. She lost 7 kg to turn from a sexy girl to an innocent girl. She started a diet for CF filming.

  • She exercised twice a day.
  • She ate only lunch centered on Korean food.
  • When she was hungry, she would eat sweet potatoes or chicken breast.
  • She exercised for 2 months; as a result she started to lose weight.

8. Global Icon's OneKet

Global Icon’s entertainment company said that she lost 9 kg in one month in preparation for their debut.

Rookie girl group Global Icon’s OneKet lived an entire month by drinking one bottle of soymilk a day.


Hong Soo Ah reveals in an interview on how she maintain her figure. In the interview, she reveals “I was born with a slim waist, but I like to walk daily to maintain my abs.”

10. KAHI

Kahi, ex-member/leader of After School is a representative of Korean stars with great bodies. She's 168cm and 49kg. In a TV show, she reveals her dieting method.

  • Since she really loves to eat, she would eat seven meals a day.
  • But before her comeback, she would be exercising and watching what she eats.
  • She doesn’t eat after 6pm, she would eat a banana in the morning and she only has Korean food.


During her comeback showcase, Ailee confessed that the hardest part of her album preparation was losing weight. In total, she lost 10kg while preparing for her comeback. She reveals,

  • She only ate 500 kcal per day.
  • Her protein intake came from shrimp, beef, chicken breast, and crab meat.
  • She also ate with two cups of vegetables and one cup of fruit.
  • Overall, she ate only two meals a day.


Actress Honey Lee reveals her strict diet to maintain her trim figure in an interview earlier this year. She confessed that she is the type to gain weight easily. That is why she says,

  • She maintains her figure by always controlling her portions.
  • She mentions that, “These days I eat a lot of celery. I eat seaweed without chojang (a chili pepper dipping sauce), and I also like tofu.”
  • She included potatoes, salad, nuts, and pomegranate in the list of foods she enjoys.
  • When asked about rice, she firmly stated, “I don’t eat it.”


Actress Kim Tae Hee shares in an interview that her weight never changes drastically. The only problem is that when her weight changes by only 1 or 2 kg, her face is the first to show. Here is what she shares.

  • She tries to work out consistently.
  • She prefers outdoor sports to working out at the gym.
  • She often walks around the Nam San or Han River area, and when she was in Jeju Island for the filming of "Grand Prix", she would walk along the coast.
  • Walking while enjoying the view is great exercise.

Check out what these kpop idols do to keep in shape!

Now let's vote!!

Which diet trend do you think is the best?

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Thank you for visiting and reading my hub. *bow. I'm re-posting this because I deleted my previous hub, sorry! Anyway, hope you find this hub entertaining or maybe useful in some way.

On the right is my first part of "Female Korean Celebrities Diet Secret" with different tittle apparently. If you have time, do read them too. Thanks in advance. ^^


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    • Sheirene Shf profile imageAUTHOR

      Sheirene Shf 

      4 years ago

      Sorry about that but anyway, thankyou for taking your time reading my hub. :)

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 

      5 years ago from Shelton

      well it took me so long to finish reading your hub because the photos were pleasantly distracting :)


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