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Female libido booster

Updated on August 30, 2009

How to improve female libido?

Female libido enhancement is achievable easily now thanks to the availability of effective medications  that activate and fine tune the desire centers in brain.All women want love and affection that culminates in sexual intercourse.Intimate sexual relationships bring women joy ,fulfillment and make them feel feminine,attractive and bring them closer to their partners.Though women tend to have sex less often as they age,nevertheless sex remains the most important thing in their lives.Female libido is a variable that fluctuates due to age and other factors and varies from woman to woman.Lack of female libido is one of female sexual dysfunctions.Fortunately this can be corrected by the usage of female libido enhancer|booster and restore the bonds of intimacy.

 Libido can be defined as  sexual desire that comes naturally and is present in all of us.In fact our brain which is the most important sex organ in our body that is wired to command the body(during reproductive years) to flood our body with hormones that induce irresistible sexual desire that can not be suppressed for long  even if you try.But for some women lack of desire or libido is the single most sexual problem that needs fixing.

Lack of female libido can be due to the following reasons.

 1.Relationship issues,  2.Onset of menopause which alters the hormone levels.  3.Side effects of drugs taken for other illnesses

 Female sexual dysfunctions are categorized hereunder.

  1.Female libido(sexual desire) disorders:

 Female libido disorders can be defined as lack of sexual drive or motivation.This is the most common of all dysfunctions affecting the young and old alike causing relationship problems which may lead to break up of even long standing relationships.This disorder usually affects the working woman who suffer from fatigue after a long days work and do not have the energy hence inclination to make love.Many women discover that the daily grind of the working life saps their energy to even think of love making weakening the bond of intimacy leading to conflicts. 

2.Female sexual arousal disorders:  This disorder is due to lack of sexual arousal even after adequate sexual stimulation.Women suffering this disorder do not experience erotic feelings hence do not show physical sexual responses such as vaginal lubrication and swelling.Those who suffer this disorder are found to have unresolved conflicts regarding their sexuality.The other causes are unpleasant childhood,emotional neglect,relationship issues with the sex partner,sexual abuse,fear of pregnancy,stress,fatigue,hormonal imbalances and drug side effects.

 3.Female orgasm disorders:  Female orgasm disorder can be defined as persistent and recurring delay in experiencing orgasm or absence of orgasm even after adequate sexual stimulation and arousal.This may be due to strict religious upbringing that shows sex as a dirty sinful act.The causes of this disorder are generally psychological such as negative attitude towards sex,lack of knowledge about orgasm,guilt etc…There can also be physical reasons such as diseases of the spinal centers that cause orgasm,alchohol  and drug abuse. 

4.Sexual pain disorders:  For some women sexual intercourse is a painful experience and this may be due to psychological or physical reasons.The psychological reasons are anxiety that others may witness the sexual act,religious taboos,resentment towards the sex partner,childhood memories of abuse etc…The physical reasons include gynecological disorders,injuries of the genital tract etc…

 All relationships including sexual ones need continuous nurturing to flourish.The conflict in sexual relationships is one of the factors that cause lack of female libido and it can be resolved through honest heart to heart talks with the partner or through counseling.Conflicts are the inevitable part of any relationship and every one  goes through them one time or other and should be handled with care otherwise the relationship will suffer. 

The onset of menopause brings in its wake the problems of vaginal dryness,irritation,insomnia and hot flashes due less production of hormone estrogen.Vaginal dryness or lack of lubrication may also happen to women who take birth control pills.Drugs such as antidepressants and medications for blood pressure may also cause lack of female libido.Androgens are hormones that trigger sexual desire in women and when their production is less due to under active thyroid, the female libido naturally decreases.  There are many female libido enhancement  products available in the market today but many of them do not have the high standard that we rightly expect from them.For more information visit the website below.

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    • profile image

      Levona 5 years ago

      Wonderfully written hub with relevant topic..May prove helpful to many women.I like this hub very much.Informative & interesting..Thanks a lot:)


    • profile image

      iris 7 years ago

      very good informative advice for women of any sexual orientation.