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Feng Shui Tips for Health & Wellbeing of Pregnant Women

Updated on August 4, 2008

When pregnant, it is a woman's home that must provide the safe haven in which to escape from the stresses of daily life and provide an avenue in which to improve overall health, boosting prenatal health and encouraging health pregnancy outcomes.

Pregnant women's physical and emotional health may be improved with the application of simple Feng Shui techniques, e.g. the use of lucky objects, the use of color, placing the bed, to improve the overall energy and balance, thereby reducing common stress and complications associated with pregnancy and antenatal care.

To boost the health of both the pregnant woman and her unborn child, the home should be modified to make essential repairs so as to encourage positive energy and Chakra stability.

Strategically placing furniture through the house will work to boost antenatal health. For example, the home should be free of excessive clutter and furniture which is considered unstable, especially in and around the bed for the pregnant woman. Add bright lighting to the bedroom and, throughout the home, consider using water fountains and fish tanks as an added relaxation element.

Bed positions

The best position for your bed is called the healing position. The healing position depends on the direction of your house. In the following figure, the green circle indicates where the healing position is in the house. For west facing house, the healing position is located at North (the 1st picture). For north facing house, it is located at south-east (the 2nd picture).

Knowing the healing position of your house, you can choose bedroom for the mum-to-be and place her bed accordingly.

The healing position


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