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Fennel Health Benefits

Updated on December 3, 2015

Fennel Health Benefits

Fennel | Source


Fennel ( Foeniculum ) a plant native to the Mediterranean coastline of Europe, now naturalized in many parts of the world, a really easy plant to grow in your garden if you live in a temperate to hot climate, in fact the fennel plant is considered a weed and an invasive species of plant in some countries, most notably the United States and Australia.

Fennel in Cooking

Its aromatic flavor has firmly established this plant in the culinary world. Everything from its seeds to its fronds are used in cooking. It has a flavor very similar to anise, without the overpowering licorice taste, its milder flavor lends more versatility to it then anise. Fennel bulb goes very well in salads, the stalks sliced and stir fried with kai lan (Chinese broccoli) in oyster sauce, it adds a unique flavor to the traditional kai lan in oyster sauce dish, the fronds are exceptionally tasty, when finely chopped and used to marinade meats. There are dozens more, if not hundreds of recipes that include fennel

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are an important ingredient in many traditional culinary dishes from the east and the middle eastern countries. Fennel Seeds have been used as a baking ingredient, as a spice to enhance the flavor of dishes, as an after meal digestive and even as flavoring for toothpaste.

A Few Popular Uses for Fennel in Cooking

Ingredient In
5 Spice Powder
Panch Phoro


Fennel Health Benefits
Fennel Health Benefits | Source

Fennel Lore

Prometheus was said to have used the stalk of a giant fennel to steal fire from Zeus and return it to man. ( Greek mythology ).

In Greece fennel is called marathon ( the origin of the word marathon, being a plain with the fennel plant growing in it )

Hang a bag of dried fennel above your window and door to keep away evil spirits.

Put a little bit of fennel in your keyhole to prevent a witch from entering your home.

Florence Fennel in Alcohol ( Absinthe )

One of the three main herbs used in the production of Absinthe is fennel, a popular alcoholic beverage in France. The other two main herbs are green anise and grande wormwood.

Many other herbs have been added in the preparation of absinthe to change its flavor or color.

At one time it was a fad among writers, poets and artists in Europe to consume absinthe.

Fennel as a cure

Have you ever used Fennel to alleviate your ailments ?

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Fennel Health Benefits

  • Fennel Improves Eyesight
  • Fennel Improves Digestion
  • Fennel is most commonly used to treat Flatulence ( fennel contains Anethole which encourages the expulsion of gases from the intestine )
  • Fennel helps with the treatment of anemia ( Fennel contains Iron and Histidine )
  • Menstrual disorders ( it helps to regulate hormones in the body )


Fennel | Source

Medicinal Uses of Fennel.

Fennel has been used as a medicine for centuries, one of the reasons for fennels success as a holistic medicinal-plant is that it contains anethole.

  • Cures constipation
  • Purgatives
  • Baby colic
  • Gripe water

Simple Gripe Water Recipe


1 Teaspoon of Crushed Fennel Seeds

Half a liter boiling hot Water.

Preparation Method

Add Crushed Fennel to Hot water and allow to sit for 15 minutes.

Strain out Fennel Seeds.


Gripe water has been used to relieve gassy babies for decades and is generally considered safe,

But as with any medication given to a baby, whether it is a herbal remedy or an over the counter gripe water, please consult your physician,


Fennel | Source

Negative Side effects of Excessive use of Fennel

  • Thelarche ( a possible side effect long term consumption of fennel by an infant )
  • Reduction of effectiveness of birth control pills
  • Estrogen interaction with fennel. Fennel has many similar properties as estrogen.
  • Possibly unsafe to consume fennel during breast feeding (Insufficient data to confirm ).
  • Allergic reactions, people who are allergic to carrots or celery have reported a sensitivity to fennel.

Top Three fennel Producer in the world

  1. India
  2. Mexico
  3. China

Miscellaneous Uses for Fennel

Fennel has been used to keep fleas away in live stock Stables.

Powdered Fennel has been sprinkled inside, and around Dog houses and kennels, to keep fleas away.

Growing Fennel at Home

Fennel is a hardy plant, and growing it in your backyard or even a pot is a simple procedure.

There are just a few things one must keep in mind before planting,

  1. Fennel plants do not like to be transplanted. So if you plan to grow it in your garden choose your planting spot carefully.
  2. If you plan to grow your Fennel in a pot, make sure its deep enough as the roots grow quite deep, a pot about 15'' in circumference and 12'' depth should do it.
  3. Use a stick for support, as it can grow to about 4 feet in height.
  4. Make sure that the soil has proper drainage, the plant does need a lot of water, but it does not grow well if soaked.
  5. If you plan to harvest the bulbs, they grow above ground at the base of the fennel plant, make sure to use a little dirt to cover the bulbs as they will taste sweeter if not exposed to direct sunlight.

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