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Fighting Depression Isn’t Easy but Not Impossible

Updated on October 4, 2017

Do you often feel low, negative and sad?

Do some negative thoughts or sad emotions keep recurring in your mind often?

All of us feel low and sad at times, but if it occurs on a daily basis and for a long time, you definitely need help, because it is an indication of poor mental health.

Depression is a condition when seeking help becomes necessary, since our mental condition is such that it hampers our daily activities. It feels like nothing can help us feel better and our world seems to be crashing down.

Depression is often considered to be a serious problem and is known to affect millions of people across the globe every year. It can happen to anyone and of any age, with or without any specific condition. It is important to treat the condition just like any other disease, so that depression can be conquered. Though there are many medications available, they are not without any side effects.

There are a few easy ways, besides medication, which can help in fighting away depression. Fighting away depression might not be easy, but it is not impossible as well. There are a few natural ways you can keep sadness away and perhaps keep depression away.

Thinking About What Makes You Angry

Research reveals that for many people depression occurs when they try to mask the feeling of anger. The anger or the rage towards someone else is often turned towards themselves. It is never good to suppress your feelings for long. Get angry, acknowledge the fact that you have the right to be angry. Think about the things which make you angry and then you can turn all these feelings just against yourself. Just let the anger flow, talk loud and be angry. It is completely natural and sometimes necessary to show your anger and frustration.

Stay Active Always

Whenever we feel low, our levels of energy start dropping. If you feel you are down, negative or sad, just get up and start walking. Physiological activities help in fighting depressions. Try and get your heart rate up as much as 20 minutes in a day. Try to walk at least ten minutes in a day, if your schedule is hectic. Exercises are known to help in increasing the neuro-plasticity of the brain and helps in releasing neurochemicals, which are known as endorphins. These help in elevating the mood and help one feel better. This has been a proven method to improve your general feeling of wellness.

Never Isolate Yourself

If you are trying to fight off depression, you should never be alone. Do not sit down quietly. Do not feel that you are bothering others with all your problems. These are the thoughts which can actually make you feel depressed and stop you from feeling healthy. Whenever you feel low or sad, you can confide in a friend. Voice your worries and problems. Talking about your troubles and worries is not about being self centred. Friends and family will always care and you will definitely feel better.

Involve yourself in social activities. Get into a social atmosphere. You can go to any place where you have the opportunities of meeting people who interest you. Visit a mall or a park or a museum. Do not indulge in negative thoughts or anything which makes you sad. You need to remember that everyone struggles and your current struggle does not mean, this is how you are going to spend the rest of your life.

Get a Massage

Do you know that massage can help in reducing anxiety and stress? If you are depressed and worried, a hands-on massage treatment or therapy can help. You can schedule a massage treatment every week and spend some leisurely time. Deep massage techniques can help in bringing positive energy.

Spend Time In Doing Things You Love

Depression is a difficult feeling and often difficult to get rid of. If you spend time in doing all the things you love, you might feel better. Read your favorite book, watch your favorite shows, encourage a hobby or anything which makes you happy. When we spend time in doing everything we love, it is definitely going to make you feel content. Life will seem worth a living.


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