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Fighting Foot Fungus

Updated on December 4, 2013

I think we all have suffered from smelly, stinky, feet. Complaints suddenly get loud when yo take off your shoes, "God, is that your feet?".

Stinky feet and foot fungus go hand in hand. Many continually fight athlete's foot, thinking they have caught it again from a shower floor, walking barefoot, etc. Well, sure, you can easily pick this fungus up in this manner. But, a study showed (not surprisingly) dirty socks can be blamed also.

The Israeli study collected socks worn for six hours or more from 81 patients with this fungus and nail infections. Researchers then cut pieces of fabric, half inch square, from each sock. Three from the heel and three from the toe areas. Fungus cultures were taken before and after laundering. Twp washing temps were used: 104 and 140F.

Before washing, the samples taken tested positive for fungus and other nasties. After washing at the 104F, 29 out of 66 samples taken still tested positive for fungus etc. When washing at 140F, only 5 socks contained fungus. Another result from the study showed that when washing at 104F, spread the fungus to other socks not previously containing a fungus.

So, the study confirms what most probably suspected all along- wash in 140F+ . The question is , at what setting is this temp? Is it the warm or hot setting? Just use hot to be safe.


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