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The Fila Sculpt N Tone Body Toning System

Updated on October 11, 2011
The Fila Body Toning System
The Fila Body Toning System

Looking Good in Leggings with Fila

15th October 2010 sees the release of a brand new range of clothing from Fila, offering women the chance to get an instant change to body shape and to instantly drop down a size. The Fila Body toning system is perfect for just getting started at a gym or fitness class to get you looking at your best before you even start your new get fit campaign.

Fila body toning leggings will smooth your figure, reduce the appearance of cellulite and make you look a size smaller. The clothing has been ergonomically designed to fit closely and provide support for the parts which sadly need supporting, and will get you looking slimmer and well toned.

The new Fila leggings offer 41% more support than more traditional styles, instantly making your legs and butt look tighter, tauter and well toned - perfect until your fitness and toning routine starts to show the rewards for your efforts. They are a great help for boosting confidence, especially when starting a new fitness group, and help you to feel good about working out, rather than deflated that you just are not getting the results fast enough.

The leggings offer the obvious advantage of getting you looking good when you are working out, and the tighter toned lower half which you see is a great motivation to work harder when exercising.

Getting instant improvements to lower body shape is undoubtedly a major selling point; however the Fila body toning system is more than just a flab repositioning and concealing garment, and is a fitness product which can help you to get a 50% increase in muscle activity to shape up and achieve your goals faster.

Get a 50% Increase in Muscle Workouts

The tight fitting leggings are highly comfortable to wear, and far from feeling restrictive allow for the maximum freedom of movement. It is the tight fit which is instrumental in the toning properties of the clothing. The leggings feature strategically located double layered panels to keep the muscles under compression when working out.

The compression makes the muscles work harder and will get up to a 50% increase in the work the muscles are required to perform. The clothing helps to provide a targeted workout to the lower body and will get your legs sculpted into svelte perfection in the shortest time frame. The Fila Body toning system works whether you are sitting, standing walking or running and keeps your legs looking great, whilst your muscles get a great toning session.

However if you want the full toning system, and want to get your body into shape in the fastest time frame, the Fila toning system can be turbo charged with Fila Sculpt n Tone sneakers.

Sculpt a better body with Fila Sculpt n Tone Shoes
Sculpt a better body with Fila Sculpt n Tone Shoes

Fila Sculpt n Tone

Fila Sculpt n Tone toning shoes compliment the body toning clothing range, and help to get the maximum increase in muscle activity with every step you take. The shoes increase muscle activation when walking, and can turn everyday activity into more of a workout.

The shoes feature a rocker sole which gets the foot moving through a healthy heel to toe roll, and simulate the benefits of walking barefoot in sand. The foot is rolled smoothly from heel to toe, increasing the range of muscles activated and boosting muscle activity throughout the lower body, in particular in the hips and butt.

The shoes provide excellent cushioning for the joints, and create muscle stimulating instabilities when walking to get the body working harder with each step. Fila Sculpt n Tone have been designed to get you in shape in the fastest possible time, and can significantly increase the work your muscles have to do when walking to improve definition, tighten up and get your lower body looking as good as it should.

With the full Fila Body Toning System in action, you can be sure that your muscles are going to get in shape in the fastest possible time, and whilst you are waiting, your lower body will look fantastic.

Fila Sculpt n Tone Shoes - The first step towards a better body
Fila Sculpt n Tone Shoes - The first step towards a better body

Buy Fila Sculpt n Tone Online

The Fila Sculpt n Tone range can run small, so consider buying a ½ size more than you would normally take – the shoes are standard width.  You can choose from white, black or bright pink and silver, all with leather uppers and at great prices on Amazon. 


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