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How to stop excessive sweating and hyperhydrosis

Updated on October 14, 2014
Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) can be embarrassing, but you can help things!
Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) can be embarrassing, but you can help things!

How to stop excessive sweating

A lot of people suffer from the embarrassing problem of excessive sweating. Excessive perspiration is an embarrassing health issue for a lot more people than you may realise, as its not something the sufferers always freely talk about for obvious reasons!

The technical term for excessive sweating is hyperhydrosis . It can be localized to certain areas of the body such as hands, feet , underarm or groin area, as these areas have a high amount of sweat glands.There are theories that excessive sweating can be inherited genetically, or maybe its just really warm out! ( or in!) It can also have other causes, such as anxiety. This may led to a vicious circle effect, where the person worries that they'll sweat, which in turn becomes the cause of it happening!

Thankfully this probem CAN be solved!

You've probably already tried the obvious, such as deodorants, which tend to mask the problem temporarily rather than solve it at all. Deodorant can actually make the problem worse!

Imagine being able to relax in any social situation knowing this embarrassing problem is a thing of the past, well it i can be!.

Aluminium Chloride as an anti-persperent

Scientific study has learned that the application of aluminum chloride as a type of hyperhidrosis treatment to be quite effective, hence the development of numerous kinds of over the counter remedies which have been made available for purchase. These treatments are usually available as roll on products that are similar to a typical roll on deodorant, with the exception that it's got very high amounts of aluminum chloride. There's also now oral forms of treatments that include high amounts of aluminum chloride, even though it is really advised that individuals first seek advice from doctor prior to taking these types of medicines to be certain that you have no established allergies that must be taken into consideration.

Botox, a well-known substance widely used for reducing wrinkles on the face, is also currently becoming made use of as a type of hyperhidrosis treatment. This treatment method is given in the same manner that it has to be administered when used in the face, and that would be via the use of a syringe.

A hyperhidrosis remedy must include a substantial level of aluminum chloride for it to give good results. Without it, it isn't going to end up being as successful as it really should be, and won't have the ability to deal with hyperhidrosis efficiently and successfully.

If you know of any other effective ways of dealing with hyperhydrosis, leave a comment!


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    • profile image

      Ciaranm 3 years ago

      Don't worry, your situation can always be improved somehow!

    • profile image

      C.Crump 3 years ago

      I am ready to take my life.

      I am tired, sweating have took control of my life. and I think ill be better off dead.

      I hope dead people don't sweat.

    • profile image

      Excessive Underarm Sweating 9 years ago

      Coll, i mite have a look at thi, cheers mate!