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Find Motivation for Weight Loss. Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight.

Updated on March 11, 2014

Desire and Motivation

Desire is a feeling. You want or crave something. Motivation is the reason we act. You desire to do something. People want a lot of things but if they don't take action then they are just wishing. If you are not willing to take action then you lack motivation. Motivation is very important because you don't get what you want just by wanting it. You get what you want by taking action.

To get yourself to take action you need motivation.

Finding Motivation

There is an outcome you want and there are ways to get it. Make a list of different things you can do to get what you want. Then decide what you are willing to do. Usually there are lots of things you can do to get the end result you want. I wanted to do push ups to get large tricep muscles. I wanted to do pull ups to get a broader back. So I did push ups and pull ups. There are other things I could have done to get the same results.

To find motivation you need to find things you are willing to do to get what you want. Focus on one thing that you want and come up with things you will do to get it. If there is nothing you are willing to do to get it then you don't want it enough. What you have is good enough for you.

Weight Loss

Motivate yourself to get rid of fat and build muscle by posting pictures of yourself.
Motivate yourself to get rid of fat and build muscle by posting pictures of yourself. | Source

Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to diet? Do you want to workout? If you lack motivation to lose weight then the answer to those questions is 'No.'. Wanting a lean body is not the same as wanting to lose weight. One reason people lack the motivation to lose weight is because they don't actually want to lose weight. They just want to be lean. Another reason people lack the motivation to lose weight is because they don't want to do the things they think they should be doing.

Most people don't want to feel hungry and they don't like boring exercises or pain. Wanting to be lean is not enough. You need a good reason. It needs to make your life better. In the winter people spend more time inside, they wear lots of clothes and they don't need to be in great shape to do what they want to do. So they let themselves gain weight. In the summer people wear less clothes, they spend more time outside and they need to be in good shape to do fun outdoor activities. So more people are motivated to lose weight for summer.

Diet and Motivation Tips

Me doing side planks.
Me doing side planks. | Source
Doing a push up routine.
Doing a push up routine. | Source
Doing pull ups.
Doing pull ups. | Source

Make plans to use your lean body. Plan to be seen and plan to use your muscles. I plan on biking to beaches a lot this summer. If you don't make plans then you are not going to be motivated. In my opinion the best thing you can do to motivate yourself is to plan on doing things that are easier for a lean person. I need to be in great shape to bike to the beaches I want to go to. Planning to take pictures of yourself and posting them online or going to the beach is a great way to motivate yourself because you know lots of people will see you.

You can eat a lot and be lean. I am lean but I eat a lot during meals, I snack and I eat dessert. If you don't want to eat less then burn more calories by exercising, drink more water or eat less junk food. Doing all three would work the best. Lean people often eat a lot and strict diets rarely work. So you don't need to go hungry. Not eating very often and not eating enough to feel satisfied can cause you to burn fewer calories. Active people need to eat a lot so they have enough energy.

Use exercise to reduce boredom and stress. Give yourself more energy and make yourself feel good. Some people consider effort to be a bad word but if you exercise regularly you will probably like it a lot. People don't just exercise for the end result. They exercise because it makes them happy. I like walking in the woods, biking to beaches and working out while watching TV. Don't let other people tell you what exercises to do. Try a lot of different exercises and stick with the ones you like until you get bored with them.

You can not see your weight, others can't see your weight and losing weight does not always mean you are losing fat. It could mean you lost water or muscle. Sometimes people lose weight while becoming fatter. After I stopped biking to beaches last summer I could see that I was fatter and my clothes were tighter. When I checked my weight I had lost 10 pounds. I lost muscle and gained fat. Pay more attention to the the fat and muscle than your weight if you want to be lean.

Lose Fat Without Trying

People bike, hike, run, rollerblade swim, play volley ball, kayak, canoe and do hundreds of other activities for fun. While they are having fun they are burning calories and building muscle. Active people are less likely to be bored and more likely to feel happy and relaxed. They are also far more likely to be lean. I never tried to get large rock hard calf muscles but I have them from biking to beaches. Pick an activity and do it on a regular basis to transform your body.

Swim a lot and you will look like a swimmer. Bike a lot and you will look like a bicyclist. You don't need to try to lose weight or fat and you don't need to try to build muscle. You just need to be active. If you burn more calories than you consume then you lose weight. It is easy to lose weight while doing fun activities. If you are not interested in having more fun then do it to relax or for the sense of accomplishment.

Beaches provide a lot of people with more weight loss motivation.
Beaches provide a lot of people with more weight loss motivation. | Source

Willingness to Take Action

To motivate yourself to lose weight come up with a list of good reasons to take action. Then come up with a list of things you want to do to become skinnier. You need reasons to take action and actions that you are willing to do in order to get the desired outcome. I want to be lean, healthy, confident, strong and relaxed. I also want to look good, feel good and be able do the activities I enjoy doing. In the summer I want to be able to bike to beaches. Those are some of my reasons to take action.

Some of the actions I am willing to do are playing Wii Sports, running on an elliptical trainer, riding an exercise bike, working out with weights, doing bodyweight exercises, biking outside, drinking mostly water and limiting the amount of junk food I eat. Most of my indoor exercise is done in front of the TV. Eating a lot of food is another thing I am willing to do. Since I burn a lot of calories I need to eat a lot of food.

I wanted a nice flat stomach like a lot of people on TV have but I did not really have a good reason. I lacked the necessary motivation because my reasons for getting a really flat stomach were not good enough. To motivate myself to lose the belly fat I decided to post a picture of my belly online.

© 2014 Michael H


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