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Finding the best source for your drinking water.

Updated on August 15, 2017
Tap water can be as safe as bottled water.
Tap water can be as safe as bottled water.

What kind of water is suitable to drink?

Safety - absence of harmful properties : This may include bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals and anything that is harmful or toxic to consumer.Water came from many sources, which need to be treated properly before distributing for consumption.

Is bottled water better than tap water?

This question may not have an absolute answer. Talking about the cost wise, bottled water will cost you many hundred times more than home-treated tap water. Some believe that bottled water has higher quality and safer to drink than tap water. This may be true or not true, depends on your tap water quality. Just keep this in mind that not every brand of bottled water has the same quality. There are some good brands in the market but some company just use tap water and re-package in the bottles for re-selling. Plastic bottle is another thing to consider when exposed to high heat or sun light, plastic may be contaminated into water. Another issue is that the disposal of bottle waste resources and pollutes the earth. Glass container or reusable or recycle bottle is much more environmental friendly.

The truth is that the quality of bottled water and tap water in your area may not be much different from each other. Bottled water is not necessarily purer or safer than tap water. Some bottled water brands were found contaminated by synthetic organic chemicals, bacteria, and arsenic, which can be harmful to human. Why is it still on the market? Bottled water regulations are inadequate to assure consumers of either purity or safety.

Is my tap water safe to drink?

Tap water issues may be different from places to places, it depends on your municipal water regulation and where your water comes from. Mostly, in developed countries, tap water is safe to drink. If you are not sure about the quality of tap water in your area, information is available from several sources. You can find out from your local public health department and your water supplier, or you can check your water bill or call your local town hall or city hall.

The quality of tap water is not the same in many places. Not every water is treated the same way because it comes from different sources. All sources contain some naturally occurring contaminants which water treatments are the way to remove those harmful substances and micro-organism. After the treatments, a few of the naturally occurring substances may actually improve the taste of drinking water and may have nutritional values at some levels.

Some issues about tap water that is concerned may not be about the water itself, but the pipes within a building and from the treatment plant that could be old and have traces of lead, iron, etc. contaminate into the water. A tap water filter can remove these, along with other dissolved solids and chlorine.

The best way to have clean water for consumption at home is to set up water treatment system.

To make sure you can get the best water for drinking, setting up a water treatment system in your house will be a good investment for your long term health. The system will help to clean your water to be even safer to drink. There are many kinds of water treatment systems for many range of prices for you to choose from.

The final answer

Bottled water and tap water may not be better than each other and there are things that you need to consider when choosing your own water source. The factors that you need to think about is the quality of water you will get and the budget you have in the long term.

There are times and places where the immediate availability of safe water is critical, such as when water distribution is interrupted or the local water is polluted. Bottled water can help tremendously in those situations, but so could portable water treatment stations. When traveling out of town the water quality/safety may be unknown (or known to be bad). That would be another instance where purchasing bottled water would make sense.


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    • profile image

      Kelly Crawford 

      8 years ago

      I don't think tap water is safe to drink which is why I bought a water filter for our home. Got mine from It's a bit pricey but it's worth it. Bottled water is not a good idea, too since you do not know if it's really clean or not, filtered or not, or what not.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I agree with your article, you really don't know which water is better without any regulations.


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