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Simple and long lasting Hayfever Remedies - Hayfever Pollen Allergy Relief

Updated on December 6, 2009

Hayfever Remedies - Help Hayfever Allergy

So its that time again the birds are out the sun is shining it's a great time to be out and about only problem is you have hayfever and your hiding in your room trying to avoid all signs of pollen and dust.

Well that's what I did and when I did go outside I would end up all clogged up and sound as if I had a terrible cold. I used to use a steroid nasal spray and that worked really well totally clears you up as long as you use it everyday but then I decided to try more natural alternatives and some of these are

Many people also turn to antihistamines when the hayfever season comes around this is ok but its not really a healthy thing to be doing swallowing antihistamines everyday for 3-4 months, sometimes its the anti-histamines that can make you feel lousy as well. Anti-histamine’s simply stop the realease of histamine’s by your body , these histamines are responsible for causing the annoying hayfever symptoms, sneezing, itching eyes, stuffy nose.

I'm no expert on histamine but to me it seems like a real nuisance making a big fuss every time some pollen comes flying in, I'm sure there is some good reason for it though i hope, anyway to the remedies that have worked for me. onto the hayfever relief :)

Natural Vitamin C, Oranges/Limes/Lemons to help hayfever
Natural Vitamin C, Oranges/Limes/Lemons to help hayfever

Hayfever Relief - Diet / Supplements

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is probably the most important remedy when it comes to hayfever relief. Many people already take vitamin C either in supplement form absorbic acid or through fruits and vegetables.

Its only when we up our dosage of vitamin C to around 3 grams a day we will see real benefits I have seen many studies on the effect of vitamin C on hayfever relief and people have showed considerable improvement after upping there dosage. When doing this its best to use supplement and natural sources as sometimes taking your whole 3 grams of vitamin C via supplementation can cause stomach upsets.

I currently take vitamin C at high doses and have any trouble with stomach upsets or anything like that and it helps keep away that horrible sinusitis feeling.

Garlic, HorseRadish and C

The perfect combination for fighting hayfever, I currently take Garlic, Horseradish and vitamin C combination and have noted extreme improvement in my hayfever symptoms.

With most G,H,C supplements marshmallow and fenugreek are added to help with the handling of cold and hayfever symptoms

Some friends of mine even eat whole garlic cloves daily but that's not so appealing its not much fun breathing garlic on each other unless you're into that sort of thing. So if your a hayfever sufferer and haven't given it a go yet its well worth a try.

Those handy pollen catchers
Those handy pollen catchers
HEPA purifier with UV lamp to kill harmful bacteria
HEPA purifier with UV lamp to kill harmful bacteria

Air Purifiers & Nasal Inserts (wearable air purifier)

Nasal inserts/filters for Hayfever Relief

You know what they say about human nose hairs, they are our nasal filters there job is to keep out any unwanted dirt or pollen coming through as we breath. I was reading an article recently that discussed the increase and the amount of nose hairs a human has now compared to 100 years ago and that's because we have to deal with so much airborne pollen and pollution. Its our own bodies trying to provide some hayfever relief.

Now nasal filters are a wearable air purifier and simply work by blocking out pollen before it can enter your nose and cause any real trouble. The only problem with the nasal filters available these days they are all disposable which is far enough for health reasons (you can only wear one nasal filters for 24 hours before throwing out) but it can become very expensive if you use nasal filters to find hayfever relief. I would think someone could come up with a nice easy and cheap material they can use to insert into the filter instead of always buying new filters.

An old nasal filter technique many people use is before they head outside is to get a bit dollop of vaseline or vicks and spread it around there nostrils , this can be somewhat effective at catching flying bits of dust and pollen before entering your nose but its a bit hit and miss.

Air Purifier

By the time I tried out air purifier's for my hayfever relief I was getting pretty desperate for relief. I know many people in the U.S are air purifier mad , everyone's after the cleanest air.

There are two main types of air purifiers these are

- ION/Ionic purfiers

- HEPA filter purifiers

The basic principle behind Ionic or negative ion air purifiers is for example there a bits of dust and pollen flying around. Much like a magnet the dust/pollen particles will be charged in a way that they will be attracted towards your air purifier. The charged particles wil then be drawn into the air purifier and filtered out of the room.

The only problem with this type of purifier is that dust and pollen can get charged but then end up getting stuck on windows or walls. the other problem with these type of purifiers is that they often have a very weak fan and with a weak fan means less air circulated and less pollen captured.

The other type is the HEPA filter style air purifier which work by circulating air with the use of a fan through a fine paper like filter capable of trapping even the most tiniest of particles and even claims to capture 99.97% worth of dust/pollen in a room and capable of trapping things as small as 0.3 microns small.

For the past month I have been using my Ionic/Hepa air purifier in my room and have noticed dramatic results and I can definitely feel the difference with its ability to clean a rooms air in under 1 hour and the nighttime function is also very handy.

Another air purifier many people have but don't even know it is having evaporated cooling air conditioning installed in there homes. Evaporated cooling uses water to cool the house the water will create a moist cool environment which pollen and dust hate.

So if you plan on staying indoors your best bet is either an air purifier otherwise nasal filters or hayfever supplements are the way to go, goodluck everyone with your hayfever relief ,enjoy summer:)

Steamer / Vaporizer

Another great product for hayfever relief is a steamer or vaporizer often referred to as a humidifer. The aim of this product is to make the air more moist therefore reducing the number of flying pollen and dust by making them wet which will cause them to drop to the floor rather than be sucked up by you.

There are many steamers and vaporizers out there which are sold for cold relief and they can be used in your room to produce steam and reduce pollen and dust.


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    • expectus profile image

      expectus 8 years ago from Land Downunder

      thanks will give that a go jojomojo37:)

    • profile image

      jojomojo37 8 years ago

      also eyedrops containing sodium cromoglicate really help although they sting a bt when u first put then in

      best of luck :D


    • expectus profile image

      expectus 9 years ago from Land Downunder

      thanks for the support sukkran , great community of hubbers here,

      goodluck to you to :)

    • sukkran profile image

      Mohideen Basha 9 years ago from TRICHY, TAMIL NADU, INDIA.

      hi nice hub with full of useful informations. best of luck and keep going...