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Find your divine calling

Updated on August 20, 2019
Lindiweradebe profile image

I was born to inspire and motivate. Inspire and motivate you to discover your purpose in life. Your why you are here on earth

Discovering your God's given life purpose

The most important day of my life was when I realized that I have a divine calling. I have something special to offer this world. Growing up poor made me realized the importance of information. How my life would have been much better had I had access to information that I needed to make an informed decision? It is said that knowledge is power. I go on to say applied knowledge is power.

The day I realized my God-given purpose in life was a very special day for me. I got to realize that it is something I have been doing without realizing this is my calling. I have seen myself doing it in all my previous jobs without any hustle. This is who I must be known for. This is my specialty. I believe that no one can do this better than me. It is the reason for my existence on earth. I inspire and motivate. I speak to people who have problems and leave them feeling much better about themselves and bring them hope. Through my gift, I make people realize their God-given potential and pursue it with all that they have. I am called to raise up the brilliant business ideas that will shape the cause of this earth.

There are inventions that still needs to be discovered by certain people, but due to so many life challenges those dreams are dying and I believe that it is my life’s purpose to meet those dreamers before they go to the grave with those ideas and tell them that they can still do it and there is no need for them to play small. They need to follow their vision. My duty is to raise them up and encourage them to reach far above the sky and get hold of their potential and pursue that only one thing that God gave them. Their life’s purpose on earth.

It is all about the divine calling on your life and OWNING it! We have to STOP shrinking to fit into someone else’s expectations of our or some past version of ourselves. We need to STOP comparing our calling to someone else’s calling. We have to stop playing small so that we do not rock the boat. We have to stop minimizing our greatness for the sake of fitting into society’s expectation of us. It is not doing us any good. We need to stop trying to portray an acceptable picture to our families. That is not working for us. God wants you to be who He created you to be. You are not helping anyone by being a copy of someone else. Be original, there is none like you so you better be yourself.

Give yourself permission to dream your big dreams, irrespective of what people say about your dreams. I want you to dare dream as big as you could. Like Abraham in the bible who was shown the stars and asked to count the stars and he could not count the stars, then he was shown the sand at the seashore and told to count it but he could not count it. That was how big his dream was. His seed was to be many as the sand on the seashore, which means not able to count. Well look at the church today, could not be numbered. That was Abraham’s purpose on earth.

Do not wait for anyone to give you permission as no one will give you permission to be who you were created to be. Your vision is too big it scares people when you start sharing, so please I beg you do not ask for permission to pursue your vision. Go against all odds and pursue your vision irrespective of what people say. For that reason, they will give you so many reasons why it is not possible and why you cannot do it. You are more than ready to sore, now put your wings and fly as high as you can.

Each day make a decision to say yes to your calling, every action you take must be a step to your yes. Today I would like you to declare who you are as per my opening paragraph where I stated who I am and what is my calling. Do this and declare it openly to everyone who can hear. Own your dream and be not afraid to share it with as many people as you can.


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