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Finding A Natural Endocrine Doctor For Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Updated on August 4, 2011

If you have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and are looking for a competent natural endocrine doctor, this can be quite a challenge. More and more people with this autoimmune thyroid disorder are choosing natural treatment methods, as they are learning that synthetic and thyroid hormone do nothing for the actual cause of the condition, but instead just manage the symptoms. So many would like to seek the advice of a natural endocrine doctor that can tell them whether or not they are a good candidate for a natural treatment protocol, and if so, give them the guidance they need to restore their health back to normal.

Of course some people will need to continue taking thyroid hormone for the rest of their lives. However, many people can have the function of their thyroid gland and their overall health restored back to normal by following a natural treatment protocol. Some of these people were once told that they would need to take thyroid hormone for the rest of their lives, yet after following a natural treatment protocol were able to either reduce the dosage, or in some cases not need to take synthetic or natural thyroid hormone at all.

How Can A Natural Endocrine Doctor Help You?

The first thing a natural endocrine doctor will usually do is what most other doctors do…take a thorough case history. They will use this to evaluate your symptoms, other conditions you might have (i.e. digestive problems, fatigue, etc.), will look at your family history, etc. They of course will also want to perform some blood tests (or refer you to a lab) to measure the level of thyroid hormone, thyroid antibodies, etc. Often times the patient will have already have had these tests done, and assuming they are somewhat recent the natural endocrine doctor should have no problem using these.

However, this is where the evaluation procedures between a conventional endocrinologist and a natural endocrine doctor begin to differ, as a competent natural endocrine doctor will most likely recommend other tests to help find the actual cause of your problem. Although most people look at Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis as being a thyroid disorder, the truth is that in just about every case the malfunctioning thyroid gland is not the actual cause of the problem. So the goal of a natural endocrine doctor will be to perform a complete evaluation to determine what is actually causing your condition.

So in addition to looking at blood test results, a natural endocrine doctor may order one or more of the following tests:

1. Adrenal Stress Index – measures the health of your adrenal glands

2. Hormone Panel – many people with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis have a hormonal imbalance

3. Hair analysis – helps to detect problems occurring at the cellular level

4. Tests for nutritional deficiencies – they might test for deficiencies in iodine, Vitamin D, etc.

Of course this doesn’t mean that your doctor will recommend all of these tests to be performed, as each person will be evaluated on an individual basis to determine which tests are needed. And obviously it is ultimately up to the patient as to what tests they choose to receive, as all a doctor will do is recommend which tests he or she thinks is necessary.

The Dangers Of Becoming Your Own Natural Endocrine Doctor

Many people with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis attempt to self-treat their condition, as they believe they can simply walk into their local health food store and purchase some thyroid booster supplements and an immune system support formula. The problem is that besides the risks involved with self-treating an autoimmune thyroid disorder, the odds are very low that you will receive optimal results by treating such a serious condition on your own. So it usually ends up costing the person more money in the long term.

So play it safe and speak with an expert. After all, we’re talking about your health here, and while it would be great to be able to cure your condition by just taking a few supplements, unfortunately it isn’t this easy. On the contrary, it is a big challenge to restore one’s health back to normal, and those looking for a quick and easy “fix” will be extremely disappointed.

Tips To Finding A Competent Natural Endocrine Doctor

As for how to find a competent natural endocrine doctor, the best way is through a referral. So if you happen to know a friend, family member, or co-worker who was put on a natural treatment protocol by a holistic doctor and received great results, then you might as well give this doctor a try. If you don’t know of any competent doctors, you of course can perform an online search for a natural endocrine doctor.

In summary, finding a competent natural endocrine doctor can be a challenge, but it is well worth the effort. Plus, when you think about it you really have nothing to lose by speaking with such a doctor, but have a lot to gain.

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      Kristen Harper 4 years ago

      Thanks for sharing the information! Yes, hair analysis tests at a cellular level which is critical. Cells are the major site of metabolic activity, it is not the blood or the urine.

      Kristen Harper