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Finding Inspiration: Goals, Instructors And Exercise Routines

Updated on May 18, 2012

Goals And Inspiration

Getting in shape or maintaining the body you have can be a lot of work. It takes a lot of time and effort. Boredom or lack of progress can cause you to stop exercising. You can improve your chances of being successful by finding inspiration. Inspiration can be found by looking at pictures of people with good looking bodies or by watching videos of people exercising. You can also set big goals for yourself.

Some of the best beaches in Canada are in Sandbanks Provincial Park. It is around 37 miles away from me and takes close to an hour to get to by car. I usually biked to a provincial park that was around 12.5 miles away. Sandbanks was somewhere I wanted to go and I wanted to get in shape. So I set a goal of biking to it. Then I worked at increasing the distance I could bike. When I was ready I went for a nice 3 hour long bike ride. The beaches were a lot better than the one near my home and the water was really clean.

If you want to get in shape think about what you are going to do with your body. Work towards a goal that excites you. There should be a reward within sight. A goal of loosing 10 pounds does not excite me. I can not tell how much I weigh unless I stand on a scale. For me a better goal would be to get rid of fat so I do not need to buy new clothes. An even better one would be to reduce my belly fat to improve my health. Having extra belly fat can cause major health problems because it can interfere with your organs like your heart.

Usually my goals involve improving my strength or endurance so I can do things that interest me. I increased the distance I could run until I was running over 12.5 miles on my elliptical trainer, then I increased the distance I could bike until I could bike to and from a park that was over 37 miles away. Later I increased my arm strength so I could do one handed push-ups. I used my endurance to bike to provincial parks and go to the beach once a week during the summer. The one handed push-ups were just an interesting challenge.

Sandbanks Beach at Sandbanks Provincial Park.  I biked 3 hours to get there.
Sandbanks Beach at Sandbanks Provincial Park. I biked 3 hours to get there. | Source

Instructors And Exercise Routines

I like watching people exercise. It is a good way to learn new exercises and see how they got in shape. Doing the same exercises over and over gets boring and you can only progress so much. After watching a video of someone doing different kinds of push-ups I learned how to make them more difficult. This allowed me to get results faster. It took less time and added some variety to my routine. I was able to use what I learned to make the transition from push-ups to one handed push-ups.

Check out videos of other people exercising and try out some new exercise routines. You can look for specific videos or find an instructor that has posted a large number of videos. I like doing body weight exercises and cardio but my knowledge is limited. So I watch other people exercising to get ideas and to be inspired by them.

  1. Zuzana: Intense cardio exercises that involve little or no equipment
  2. Scooby: Body building at home. Contains tips and exercises
  3. Exercise To Heal: Qigong Exercises
  4. Tara Stiles Yoga: Yoga and meditation videos
  5. Six Pack Shortcuts: Exercise for six pack abs
  6. Kelsey Kale: Core exercises to tone, tighten and strengthen your body
  7. ehow Fitness: Health tips and information
  8. Craig Ballatyne: Lose fat and build muscle
  9. 24HourFitnessInc: Gym exercise tips
  10. Exercise Routine: Cardio workout routines
  11. Yoga Journal: Yoga postures
  12. My Yoga Online: Yoga, pilates and meditation videos is a good website to find exercise routines and trainers. I also recommend searching and Some good search terms are body weight, cardio exercise, intense exercise, weight lifting, yoga, qigong, chi kung and tai chi.

I recommend you include yoga, tai chi or qigong as part of your exercise routine. They have benefits you can not get from lifting weights or doing cardio. For example yoga can prevent common back problems.


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