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Find Your Center With Meditation for Beginners

Updated on March 23, 2018

What is meditation?

In today's complex and fast paced world, where seemingly everything revolves around multitasking, finding your center with simple breathing exercises could help you cope with the stresses of everyday life. There are a few ways to go about this, but I would like to focus on the simplest (and probably the most effective) method to center yourself; meditation.

Meditation is a fine art. I bet you didn't know that, did you? Well, it is. But don't let the sound of that discourage you. Meditating can be as simple as you make it to be; as you will soon see. It's more of a good idea to start with a basic meditation anyway, and then as you learn to focus your thoughts you can expand your individual technique. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

Chi Radiates Through You And Everything Around You

Your center is a part of the universal flow of energy.
Your center is a part of the universal flow of energy.

What is your center?

Let's start with first by answering the question, “What does finding your center mean?” Your center is an energy. Spiritually speaking, your center could be defined as your soul; the term soul is to your own interpretation. In Chinese medicine it is referred to as Chi; the universal energy that fills us and everything around us. To find your center also means to ground your body, mind and spirit so that you are more in tune with your own self.

In the chaos of life this energy can become offset. When that occurs, you may experience abnormalities such as having more frequent headaches, loss or gain of appetite, sickness and nausea, confusion and emotional fluctuations, to name a few. Through daily meditation we can maintain balance in our lives. Wouldn't you rather live with less stress and more happiness? Sure! Who doesn't?

What is your preference?

Where do you go to meditate?

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We all need to get away sometimes!

Let's take a look at a simple method you can use today to help ground your center core:

Visit Your Sanctuary

Finding your center does not mean you have to take a plane to some far away place. It can, in fact, be a place you have created in your mind. Your sanctuary is basically that special place you go to get away from it all. If you have no such place then I would like to suggest you find somewhere that is quiet of distractions and comfortably private. However, your desk at work will work just as well!

There's help for when we reach wits end.

Meditating to help cut down on the stresses in our lives.
Meditating to help cut down on the stresses in our lives.

Steps To A Simple Meditation:

  • Find your special place
  • Align yourself for success
  • Focus! Focus! Focus!
  • Control your breathing
  • Have confidence in yourself

Posture Is Proper

In all likelihood you are sitting to do your meditations. If that is the case for you then you need to sit erect with your back and neck aligned. Looking forward, rest your palms gently in your lap facing up. Keep your feet flat on the floor and about shoulder width apart. Another way to do this is to sit with your legs crossed. Rest your hands upward on your knees. If you are laying down then simply rest your arms down at your sides with your palms facing upwards. You may want to lay your hands across your abdomen if this is more comfortable for you.

Find A Focal Point

This should be a thought or memory you find pleasant and relaxing. I mention this here because unless you can begin focusing your thoughts then you may find the rest of the the meditation difficult in order to gain peace of mind. Tranquility is our goal. We want to let go of everything so that our mind and body can return to its natural state by releasing all of the negative energies we have accumulated. This way you can get more out of the few minutes you can spare to expel the tension(s) that has been pent up inside you.

Breathe With Purpose

Breathing Is Everything

Close your eyes and relax your jaw and facial muscles. Begin visualizing your energy flowing from your head, to your neck and shoulders through your arms and out through your fingertips - down your legs and on out through your toes as you simultaneously draw in a slow breath through your nose. Breathe in deeply. Count to five as you pull in the air; visualize any tension you feel leaving your body. Hold the breath for another count of five, and exhale slowly through your mouth; again counting to five as you do so. Relax your shoulders and body with each exhale. Do a set of three breaths. Each time remembering to visualize your energy flowing from the top of your head and our through your fingertips and toes. When you become more comfortable with controlling your breathing you may try working towards a ten count breath.

Riddle Me This...

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Allow Yourself To Be Surrounded By Positive Energy

Attract those things you want in your life with positive energy.
Attract those things you want in your life with positive energy.

Quiet Your Disbelief

Whether before, during, between or after each breath you may find it helpful to give yourself positive affirmations. By telling yourself things like, “I am okay,” I can get through this,” Everything will be just fine,” you will begin to align the positive forces of the universe in your favor. A lot of our problems that we face when we are stressed are our own fears. Fear can be a matter of choice. You see, we naturally attract like energy. So if you believe bad things will happen to you then that is surely your fate. If you believe good things will happen to you then they will. By controlling your thoughts you control your attitude, and, ultimately, your life.

Regain Your Inner Balance

Live your life with peace and tranquility.
Live your life with peace and tranquility.

Don't Give Up!

I realize this process may seem a bit overwhelming, but it only takes a couple of minutes to perform. It's a very basic technique, I assure you. With just a little practice you can do this anywhere at anytime. Try to do this at least once a day when applicable. Soon you will begin to take notice a change for the better. You will feel more calm, happier, physically relaxed, healthier and more at peace with your own self. Be patient! Rome wasn't built in a day, as they say. You CAN do this! And you WILL be okay.

Once you become comfortable using this method you can begin to expand into different areas of meditation; such as yoga, for example. They can be as deep and complicated as you wish to make them, or they can remain light and simple like this one. It's completely up to you and your imagination and your comfort level. Just remember to stay focused and keep in mind the reason(s) behind the meditations and to not give up on yourself. After all, it is YOUR life! Live it the way YOU want to!


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