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Fitness Hacks

Updated on December 1, 2019

Fitness Hack

Each and every day there is a moment when you are absolutely free. You may use this time to check your social media accounts, or watch TV.

During these times were you are just sitting down, you could be exercising your body while still enjoying your free time.

Doing squats instead of actually sitting on the couch is one of my favorites.

If you would like to have something planned out, The next section is for you..

Scheduling an appointment with yourself

If getting in shape is important to you, It has to be just as important as a job interview or doctors appointment. You should invest in a calendar or use the one in your phone to mark the day or days you choose to workout.

  • Start of small, Try to commit to at least 1or 2 days a week. (Unless you want to do more days)
  • Be on time so that you won't use your tardiness as an excuse not to do it at all.

By setting your own appointment and actually being on time and getting the job done, you are showing yourself that you care about your health.

Finding your type of workout

There is an exercise move for almost every part of your body. If you would like to work on specific parts of your body the easiest thing to do would be to break it down. Get yourself a pen and a sheet of paper, write down each body part that you want to work on.

After you have completed that list, figure out which excercise goes with that body part. Use this list to create a combination workout, one that you will use repeatedly until you memorize it. If you would like to work on your whole body you can use this same technique, just add more to your combo.

Example: Abs - Situps , Legs - Squats, Arms - Push-ups

And so on..


If you are not familiar with sets, this is where you set an amount on how many times you will do each exercise.

*Put this with your combination to create the perfect workout formula*

For example: 20 Situps, 40 Squats, 50 Pushups


Before you begin your workout you should always stretch your muscles and get your body warmed up. It is said that stretching is a way to Increase muscle control.


Working out constantly with a solid schedule for 30 days, Each day working out for at least 30 min will give you fast results. It just takes time and dedication to actually stay committed to it even when it's not fun.

Take your pic

Take a before and after picture So that you can visually see your results. This will help to motivate you, showing how much you have lost or gained. You can take a picture as often as you would like to see your results. For example, once a week.

Keep Track

You will need a scale to keep track of your weight over the weeks. In a notebook, keep a log of the numbers so that you know what changes were made to your weight to give you the effect that you were looking for.


Make sure to drink plenty of water and try to eat as healthy as possible. You don't want to start off your workout eating chips or drinking sugary juices. What you will need is something like an apple, or whatever fruit and veggies you like to eat. Before working out you should always treat yourself to a healthy meal or snack. A healthy diet goes a long way, Especially if you want long lasting effective results.

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