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Finding Calm During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Updated on March 30, 2020
MichaelDadson39 profile image

Dr. Michael Dadson, Ph.D., counselling psychology has extensive experience with PTSD, family, relationship, anxiety & depression issues.

How We Choose to Frame our Thoughts is Very Powerful

How we think about things is very powerful. Shifting how we think about self-isolation and feeling lonely and unable to do what we normally do, to a powerful perspective will not only help keep our own spirits up, but help curb the spread of the cornonavirus. Here are some of my thoughts:

Feeling Anxious During the Pandemic is Normal

1) It's NORMAL to feel anxious, everyone feels the uncertainty of the situation, you are not alone in feeling this way. You are not alone, we are in this together. What we choose to focus on can make a huge difference in how we feel.

Reduce our Feelings of Powerlessness

2) We can REDUCE feelings of powerlessness by seeing it as our job to help lower the curve. By isolating at home, we are taking a powerful step in combating this disease. We can own our situation and know we are contributing to a positive outcome.

Help Rather than Judge or Blame

3) HELP, rather than judge or blame. We all have a different response to stress. We are all in a learning curve, have patience with each other and help each other understand and support each other through phone calls, video calls, and other on-line activities. Look at what we are doing well and do more of it and encourage those around you by noticing what they are doing well. Work to support the positive in what you are seeing around you. When we support positive thoughts and words, we can have a powerful influence on those around us.

Extend Assistance to Others

4) Ask, "how can we HELP OTHERS in our community?". If we are well, and considering social distancing and taking health precautions, how can we help others?​​ If you are healthy, contact your local VOLUNTEER organization to help deliver food to seniors or others who cannot get out, or foster a pet. Calling older relatives and friends or those you know who are living alone can provide much needed support and keep the sense of connection alive. Doing something for others actually helps us feel good.

Find Activities to Do

5) Take the time to CALL and face time with friends and family, PLAY games together at home, and if alone play with your friends on-line, make that to-do list and do one or two things each day. ACCOMPLISHING something makes us feel good about ourselves. We can garden at home if we have a garden, or work on our pots for the deck, paint a room, paint a picture, paint in words as sometimes writing our thought down is helpful. Make family movie nights with popcorn and treats. Home made pizza is a fun activity for families or if you live alone.


6) Keeping up with your regular at home routine is important, we feel more secure when we have routines we follow.

Do Things Differently

7) Take advantage of the situation by DOING THINGS DIFFERENTLY. This is an opportunity to try different ways to do things and expand our horizons at home. We can socialize through video calls and zoom, and offer business services on-line. #Brookswood #Langley #michaeldadson #onlinecounselling


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