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First starting out to lose weight

Updated on February 22, 2011

First put your toes in water, then feet, then whole body

 I have to admit, getting the inspiration happens differently for each person,  I don't know what it takes for some people.  I know what wasn't working for me.  Seeing beautiful young women on magazines, tv, bulletin boards didnt work for me, I could care less.  I don't care what people think about how I look.  What had to happen to me was a very severe wake up call.  I am a very stubborn person.  Now that could work in ones benefit.  For me it was standing outside the hospital one day waiting for a ride from my dad from occupational therapy.  I saw this very pretty woman , perfect hair, perfect make up, perfect smile. She walked past me and smiled and I was leaning against a column to help hold myself up.  She got into her little red car and drove off.  I was thinking , " now why didnt she have a stroke?"   This woman had to weigh as much as I did!!  Well that pissed me off.  That very day I stopped drinking soda, drank only water.  i took my first walk.  only about ten minutes, and I  was so winded.  when I got back i got in bed and went to sleep crying.  the next day, I thought about that woman.  I started walking down my street.  I tripped over a crack in the side walk and was so embarrased because I knew I had been seen.  I started putting my daughter in a stroller so I would have something to hold onto.  i eventually made it around the block, every day i went a little further.  I really was watching what I was eating .  the real trick is , to eat nutritiously, not sugar coated non nutritious stuff. and to drink alot of water. People have to realize, it does not have to be an expensive project to lose weight.  You have to make some really difficult decisions and stick to them.  sugar is even a bigger addiction i think than ciggarettes.  Believe me, I was doing one thing at a time, I still smoked.. Shame on me.  Even if you start at one length of a block, walking really works, Drink water, and cut out the sugar and eat protien and veggies, complex carbs in the morning, and no pasta past 5.. i'm telling you, that is all that is too it. Make your biggest meal your lunch..

well enough of me rattling off. i will begin to tell you progress in gyjm... takes time, but it can happen.  I'm living proof and i still have more to go.


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