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Fitness is not just for athletes

Updated on September 23, 2013

Physical fitness help our favorite athletes get out on the field or court and perform at their best, but what about us? Our favorite athletes stays in shape all season to perform at their best for us, so what can physical fitness do for those who playing field is behind a counter or at a desk? Fitness can help us perform at our best on the job.

Benefits of exercise

Whether you are stocking shelves, working in an office, or working at home physical fitness can help you perform at your best. Here is how you and your job can benefit from staying in shape:

Reduce stress

First off, no one wants to come to work stressed out (you wouldn't be able to think straight) and it’s really unhealthy to reduce stress by smoking on your break. A good way to relieve stress after a hard day at work would be a nice workout. It increases the concentration of nor-epinephrine, which is a chemical that moderate the brains responds to stress. If you can, make time to workout before work; this is better than smoking or drinking complaining about your day at work. So are you going to hit the gym or the bar after work?


More active

People who exercise regularly get more done in one day; they have more energy than those who don’t. With a boost of creativity, they feel the need to do more than what is asked of them. This is caused by the increase in blood flow to the brain. Some people go for a quick jog in the morning to get the day started, because some people can find it hard to fit any fitness activity in their schedule. People who exercise will be able to fit a lot into their whole entire day. This also means that you will sleep better at night which is good for your mental health.

Good mood

Your body will release a cocktail of hormones called endorphins that will stay in your system after a workout. Endorphins create a feeling of happiness, boosting your self-esteem, so exercise makes you a whole lot happier. Not to mention that you’ll be happy knowing that you done something to improve your health. These chemicals can alleviate anxiety making you calm. This way you’ll be able to greet your customers better and even handle those nasty angry customers.

Boost memory

Having a hard time trying to remembering a tall order? Exercise boost memory giving you the ability to learn new thing (not to mention that exercise creates new brain cells). This is caused by the increase production of hippo-campus which is responsible for memory and learning. You will be a whole useful to your company.


Reduce injury

By working out you reduce the chance of getting hurt on the job. You are more likely to feel pain in your back, shoulders, and knees. If you stock selves you may experience back pain due to the lifting. So you may want to focus on developing your back muscles. For those who work at home, drives, or work at a desk for eight hours straight, sitting too long can cause lower back pain. To prevent this, try to take breaks and go for a jog.

Prevent Illness

Regularly exercising can help boost your immune system protecting you from the common cold and the flu. You could simply go for a brisk walk to help prevent illness though the flu seasons instead of calling in sick.

A lot of companies understand the importance of fitness, which is why some of them started to incorporate fitness in their companies. By offering fitness programs to their employees companies are:

  • · Reducing the amount of sick days
  • · Reducing health care cost
  • · Seeing more productivity in their employees

Improve overall image

Lack of exercise lead to poor posture doesn’t matter whether what your occupation may be. Staying fit means you are lean, tone and walk with your head up high. That’s the kind of employee that your boss wants working for them. On top of that you will feel a lot more confident.


Just like athletes, we to need to stay in shape in order to perform at our best. We see improvement in:

  • · Overall mood at work
  • · Productivity
  • · Creativity
  • · Memory
  • · Health
  • · Alertness

So the next time you decide to watch TV before work, try going for a quick jog or run to get ready for your big game.


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