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Five Advantages of Right Focus

Updated on April 25, 2019
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Imran is an anthropologist who researches and writes on self-improvement.

The Essence of Concentration

When you focus on any task properly, you achieve success. That's one of the advantages you get. If somehow a task fails, the reason(s) of failure, and your mistakes in that get clearly visible. You learn a valuable lesson. In a way that's another merit. It is necessary to focus because, through proper concentration you correctly perceive your actions and, you help yourself to develop a strong vision to accomplish the final goal. The incredible part is, to prosper, your attention cannot be cursory, it has to be thorough. Which means you turn into a meticulous person. In simple words, you become perfect. Isn't that advantageous?

Focussing helps with these:

  • You can know the extent of your capabilities.
  • You understand where and when you need motivation.
  • You discover your actual weaknesses.
  • You find out what support and resources you require.
  • You can roughly calculate the time you need to finish your tasks.
  • When plan A doesn't work efficaciously, you know when to implement plan B.

But, a million dollar question is, how much focus an individual must show to face success?

The answer lies in two points:

  • 1) How quickly you have been able to meet your goal(s).
  • 2) How effective and convincing your work is.

Time frame is essential. You learn to be quick, active, and efficient when you concentrate while keeping time under check.

This article highlights five advantages you get when your attention is right.


What is Right Focus

It simply means you have detailed knowledge of what you are doing, and you are sure that your work is reliable and authentic.

Below are the indicators that you are rightly focused:

  1. You remember your goals always.
  2. You evaluate after every step.
  3. You know what the end should be like.
  4. When you disorient, you quickly get back on the track.
  5. You work independently.
  6. Whenever you have doubts, you aren't afraid to seek counsel.
  7. You don't lose confidence when a difficulty arises.
  8. You are not overly proud or overconfident before the fulfillment of the ultimate goal.


When Your Focus is Wrong

Be careful and avoid these:

  • 1) Missing peace:

While dealing, if your mind is not at ease, it will impact the ability of your performance.
You cannot perform all your duties satisfactorily. Responsibilities that don't trigger your liking and interest face risks of poor performance. But, when your focus is right, you make peace and do well.

  • 2) Excessive thinking

Thinking too much leaves disturbing thoughts at the back of your mind. Whatever other forms of work you do, negative thoughts haunt you and make you lose concentration. Therefore, it is essential you relax and exercise patience and control.

  • 3) No obsession

The extent of your involvement in any chore shows your stability and correctness. Your behavior and mood will show if you are attentive or obsessive. Be industrious. Be decent.

  • 4) No snapping:

Doing a task is one thing, doing it the right way is another. If you have achieved your goals by howling and scowling people, you have made the overall experience painful. When you are polite, your mind is calm. It only helps to concentrate well.

  • 5) Focus mistake:

You are too casual, but you think you are rightly focussed. If you look into you work and your course of actions deeply, the messiness around you will enlighten how wrong and casual you are. Let not assumptions, incorrect thinking, and over confidence make you commit errors.

  • 6) Affected schedule:

If other aspects of your daily routine face troubles because of a particular task, it signifies you must worry and look into your efforts. You will find your mistakes. Then you will perform in the right way.


Five Advantages

1) Tasks are easy:

  • Your knowledge is complete.
  • You know the correct protocol to follow.
  • You clearly understand when to observe caution.

So, the process of meeting any goal becomes achievable. The flow of work becomes smooth even when the responsibility is tough.
As your vision is unwavering, you will solve problems, and remove obstacles no matter how difficult the process gets.
The completion of jobs becomes easy.

2) Low-stress levels:
Pressure is what anyone dreads to face. Career undergoes downfall when the pressure becomes unbearable. For many, it becomes the reason to quit. It takes a toll on anyone except the one whose concentration is firm. A determined person succumbs to pressure and achieves victory. Because of his/her quality of focus, working in challenging situations becomes manageable. The stress levels are low as compared to the high-stress levels of the ones who are improperly focused.

3) Complacency:
If you fulfill a responsibility, but you yourself are not convinced, how satisfied will you feel? Surely, not much. Something clearly went wrong. Focussing rightly will inform you whether the reasons are external or internal.
It will calm you and boost your morale when the fault is not yours.
It will make you thoroughly diligent.
The satisfaction you achieve in the end is commendable. It is impactful.
You feel complacent.

4) Niche:
Your knowledge on the subject-matter becomes comprehensive. It gives complete information to your target audience. Your work is to the point and satisfactory. People treat you as an expert whose work, opinions, and advice is trusted and followed. Your success is certainly the outcome of your undying focus that has made you a brand, and has given you expertise. You get a niche for yourself that helps others too.

5) Recognition:
Your work is all-inclusive and far-reaching. That undoubtedly makes you the recipient of fame and recognition. Appreciation and admiration serve as proof that you and your work are successful.

These are some basic but highly profitable advantages of right focus.

Success and failures are a part and parcel of life. It is okay to fail, but what is unacceptable is, you failed because your focus was wrong. To avoid this, correctly understanding your goal is essential. That's how you will work properly to meet expectations.
When you concentrate, you resolve. Therefore, it is crucial that your eyes remain wide open so that you neither get misguided nor lose focus.
That's the right way of doing things.

© 2019 Imran khan


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