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Five All-Natural Gift Ideas For Allergy Sufferers.

Updated on December 15, 2010
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When searching for the perfect gift this year, why not keep in mind the allergy sufferers in your life.

True, there are several effective air purifiers on the market, but how about opting for an all-natural gift that's just as effective.

1.) Houseplants - Nature's Air Purifier.

NASA scientist discovered that houseplants can remove up to 87% of airborne toxins from the air in one's home in just 24 hours!

Houseplants such as spider plants, rubber plants, and peace lilies are at the top of the list for the most effective houseplants to rid your home of airborne toxins.

So get your friend a small houseplant, adorned with a bright bow, and they'll have a gift to enjoy for a long time to come.(

2.) Green Tea.

Earl Mindell, Ph.D; R.Ph; and author of 101 Natural Remedies stated, "Sipping just two cups (of green tea) a day keeps allergy symptoms away for good."

Why is green tea so good for allergies? Well the major compound- EGCG - of green tea, blocks the body's allergic responses to common allergen triggers.

However, all green teas are not created equal. This is all due to the fact that "types of tea are commonly graded depending on the quality and the parts of the plant used as well as how they are processed".

"The best Japanese green tea is said to be that from the Yame region of Fukuoka Prefecture and the Uji region of Kyoto. Shizuoka Prefecture produces 40% of raw tea leaf." -Wikipedia.

Of course, it may be quite a challenge to find these green teas locally. Fortunately, the brand Salada is a great brand to purchase.

So grab a nice basket, fill it with some Salada brand green tea, a cute mug and stirring spoon, and follow these simple directions ( under the subheading putting it all together).

3.) Honey Isn't Just for Bears.

A recent study discovered that after taking 2 tsp. of honey daily for six weeks, allergy sufferers found a 75% reduction in their allergy symptoms!

This is due to the fact that honey contains tiny flecks of plant pollens, and eating it helps desensitize your immune system.

Much like green teas; all honey is not created equal.

It's best to consume raw unprocessed honey rather than it's processed peers (the health benefits are far grander, it's free of high fructose corn syrup, and possesses more antibacterial properties), and local honey provides you with protection against allergens and pollen in your own area.

Instead of just presenting the recipient with jars of locally harvested raw honey, why not put together a gift basket fill of the aforementioned, and include a mini honeypot and dipper set (which you can find at

4.) An Apple or Pineapple A Day.

Research has shown, that just five apples a week has the ability to improve breathing and lung function by 400 percent!

Due to a flavonoid in the apple peel (called quercetin), which makes cells resistant to allergens, it's no wonder that apples are a great allergy reliever.

In addition, research has found that regular apple eaters have a 60% lower risk of lung cancer.

Bromelain; an enzyme that relieves sinus congestion and irritation; is found in the pineapple. When consumed, this tropical fruit relieves the above symptoms in up to 85% of allergy sufferers, and has been found to be a natural anti-inflammatory, which is great for reducing nasal swelling.

So why not present the allergy sufferer with a basket filled with Granny Smith apples (since current research has found that this apple type has higher anti-oxidant levels than it's peers the Golden Delicious and Braeburn apples) and pineapples accompanied with a Vacu Vin Pineapple Slicer, adorned with a bright ribbon.

5.) Beeswax Candles - Not Just for Show. Beeswax candles are not just for setting the mood or adding beauty to the home, studies have shown that when they burn, in addition to cleaning the air, they neutralize pollen, dust, mold spores, bacteria, and other particles that trigger allergies and asthma!

Working much like an air purifier (another one of nature's natural air purifier), it releases negative ions that sweep up pollutants and pull them out of the air.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can find them at the website or any of your local candle shops.

Therefore, using a little creativity, you can put together a great beeswax candle gift basket tailor-made to the recipient.

Don't forget to add a candle snuffer and a long handled candle lighter, complete with a bright bow.

These great all-natural gift ideas for allergy sufferers will not only be a big hit, they'll also provide the sufferer with a great way to beat their allergies - naturally.

So don't forget about the allergy sufferer in your life. The benefits they'll reap from these thoughtful gifts will be far-reaching.

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