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Five Best Turmeric Supplements

Updated on February 6, 2015


Turmeric has been widely used as a spice in many different national cuisines. In addition to being flavorful, it is considered to be one of the healthiest spices on Earth. The most important components of its power are a group of compounds called curcuminoids. The three most important are bisdemethoxycurcumin, curcumin, and demethoxycurcumin. Out of these three, curcumin has been the most abundantly investigated in both alternative and modern western medicine as a potential therapy for serious diseases including many cancers.

There are two problems with curcuminoids. One is their bioavailability - meaning the proportion absorbed compared to the proportion ingested can be low, without other compounds assisting them. The other problem is that percentage wise, curcuminoids make up a small percentage of turmeric. Therefore, people turn to isolated supplements to get a higher concentration, especially when they are using it for medicinal purposes. As with anything, all supplements are not created equal. Here are five of the best supplements of curcumin, and why.

Turmeric powder.  Considered one of the healthiest spices on the planet, it does have an issue with bioavailability and absorption of the critical curcuminoid compounds upon ingestion.
Turmeric powder. Considered one of the healthiest spices on the planet, it does have an issue with bioavailability and absorption of the critical curcuminoid compounds upon ingestion.

Dr. Danielle's Organic Turmeric Curcumin

This formulation also makes use of the valuable carrier BioPerine. It is commonly used by naturopathic doctors. What is characteristic of this brand is that it is made out of 100% organic turmeric. There are no binders, nor are there any fillers.

Customers who have used it have reported exceptional results, especially regarding their arthritic symptoms and other joint pain, as well as improved digestion. Which is no surprise given curcumin's known ability to reduce or eliminate inflammation.

Garden Vibrance Organic Curcumin Extract 95%

Like many, this product is also 95% curcuminoids. And it is blended with BioPerine, and also contains some vegetarian capsuled ingredients.

In addition to being organic, Garden Vibrance markets itself on two other things. They do not use solvents to process out the curcumin; it is done using steam. Second, they offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their product. This brand does give off a flavor when it is taken. That would be the only concern for those who do not like the taste of curcumin.

New Chapter Turmeric Force Softgels

The New Chapter brand is non-GMO, and cleanly processed. In addition to that, there are two other things of note about this product. One is variety. It uses a wide range of the curcuminoid compounds found in turmeric.

The other, is that unlike most other brands, it is a liquid softgel capsule. The concept behind the liquid formation is that it will be more readily absorbed than a hard compounded powder.

One drawback to this brand is that it contains no BioPerine. So when you take it, do so either with some black pepper, or you can conveniently take it with your meals if you normally use black pepper with your food.

Turmeric Curcumin Extract Pure Standardized to 95% Curcuminoids

Brought to you by Earthwell,this curcuminoid extract also comes with a 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied. And most who have used this product are very satisfied. Earthwell's curcumin does not contain BioPerine, so this one will also need to be taken with black pepper, or with meals containing black pepper for maximum absorption. People who have used this for any length of time who were in a considerable amount of chronic pain have testified that it has worked like a charm.

Nutrigold Turmeric Curcumin Gold

This is consistently rated one of the highest brands of curcumin. Each tablet is consisted of 95% curcuminoid compounds. The other main component is known as BioPerine. This is a trademark name of piperine, which is an extracted compound found in black pepper. Piperine is what yields the spicy taste in the pepper. It is very useful in enhancing absorption in many nutrients, including curcuminoids.

The turmeric plant, which is the source of the spice and the isolated curcuminoid extracts.
The turmeric plant, which is the source of the spice and the isolated curcuminoid extracts.


Curcuminoids provide countless health benefits, both preventive and therapeutic. Remember, their benefit is dependent on absorption after ingestion. When determining a brand for yourself, pay attention to the other ingredients in the pill. If they do not contain BioPerine, remember to use black pepper when taking it.

The brands above have varying comparative advantages, it will just be a matter of which attributes you prefer. Overall, each of them yields an exemplary result, and will more than meet your needs. Another plus to each of them is none are exorbitantly priced. This will add a lot of antioxidant power to your diet, without breaking your wallet.


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    • Curcumall profile image

      Aviva R 9 months ago from Israel and USA

      Good comparison article, nice work!

      Notice that black pepper is irritating to many people's stomachs, especially those with IBD and other gastric conditions. So not everyone can take piperine.

    • Jasmeetk profile image

      Jasmeet Kaur 3 years ago from India

      informative!! thanks for sharing!!