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Five Incidents Where People Were Lucky to Be Alive - Heart-Stopping Videos

Updated on September 20, 2019
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I'm an Un-philosopher and dis-thinker who questions everything & learns from anything. Oh, the inevitability of death and the joy of living!

The uncertainty of life can give a person some nervous moments. Sometimes death comes calling like a bolt from the blue and it's impossible to even try to prevent this bolt! At these times some 'divine' intervention may be the difference between life and death. Sometimes the intervention is a mixture of coincidences, quick thinking, strong build quality or someone else saving your life.

The videos in this article show how close you can come to death and still be alive to talk about it! Viewer discretion is advised - even though they are not bloody or gory at all, they do showcase some heart stopping moments!


These videos are mainly from CCTVs and dash cams. They show close calls but no blood or gore or death or fatal incidents. All incidents are verified to be true from news reports and mainline websites. I have checked to ensure that all of them are safe even after the incident to the best of my ability.

Bike On Fire In a Petrol Bunk

Gas Stations are the worst places to have a fire. This biker is doing the usual - filling petrol in a petrol bunk when the unthinkable happens. There is a spontaneous fire and within seconds flames engulf the bike and him. Thankfully the employees find and use the fire extinguisher and in moments the fire is doused without serious injury to the biker! A major tragedy was averted. There are moments of panis, but overall the fire was doused quickly.

Saved By A Tree

Everyone says that trees can save the planet. Here a single tree at the entrance of a petrol bunk (gas station) saves many lives! A careless piece of driving results in a bus and a car careening off the road. Just as it looks like the heavy bus will topple onto the car and crush it, a tree intervenes. The gentle nudge from the tree pushes the bus back upright before the seemingly inevitable moment. I'm sure there were some scratches and bruises in some people and the vehicles, but news items reported that there were no fatalities and no serious injuries.

Fighting Off Armed Robbers

70 year old Shanmigavel and his wife, 60 year old Senthamarai, stay in a farmhouse in Thirunelveli, Tamilnadu (India). They probably used their life savings to build this home.

On a dark night this year, a group of armed robbers decided to steal things from this home. You can see these bandits are armed with long curved knives called 'Arruval'. These are used to cut things in one blow and gangs use them to kill people. In street and gang violence incidents, they are carried with an intention to kill!

This elderly couple decides to fight off this gang of robbers. As they use their bare hands and the chairs and other items to ward off these thieves, they come close to getting slaughtered with the arruval. The gang probably realised that the commotion had alerted other people around and after a brief fight decide to escape and apre the home and the lives.

The couple received an award from the local authorities for their courageous act. Fighting armed robbers is a great risk in a country like India. Most people advise you to just hand over the belongings and escape with your life. I'm not sure what stimulated this couple to fight off the armed thieves, but they are lucky to escape with serious injury!

Do you think the couple should have fought back or given in to the armed robbers

See results

Drunk Driver Plows into Pedestrians

This incident happened in a crowded place in a crowded city - Bangalore. Its a miracle everyone survived.

A drunk driver lost control of his vehicle and veered into the sidewalk and plowed into a large group of bystanders and pedestrians there. While 7 people were injured in this mini-rampage, they all survived and there were no fatalities. The driver was apparently thrashed by the mob and handed over to the police.

Dragged By A Bus

Big buses in narrow congested roads are more than just an eyesore. The blue bus turns into this road without checking and has a near-miss with the other bus. In order to avoid bumping into the red bus it turns further in and runs into a set of parked bikes. Unfortunately the guy in the green shirt gets stuck behind the front wheel of the bus and gets dragged along for a few meters. As you can see in this clip, he comes off alive and simply walks away from the scene after dusting off his pants! Onlookers look shocked at how he managed to escape!

Have You Had a Close Call?

Have you ever had a close call where you almost lost your life or could have been seriously injured? Do share it in the comments section.


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