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Five Things Any Man Can Do To Feel Like Batman Every Day

Updated on November 27, 2019

The Dark Knight Rises

You've seen the movies, maybe read the comic books, watched the TV show back in the day, but you are not Bruce Wayne. Never gonna be, not a reality. Doesn't mean you can't have have the feeling. What does it take to feel like Batman? What are some real world things you can do to feel like The Batman, The Caped Crusader, The Dark Knight, everyday?

Here's Five:

#1 - Green Based Protein Drink Upon Waking

On a couple occasions we see Alfred with a tray of a some mystery green beverage that the battered Bruce Wanye slams down his gullet.

A good green beverage to start the day will beat the pants off of any bagel and cream cheese or bowl of Frosted Flakes any day of the week.

Now I don't know what Batman took, but here's what I take and why:

1 scoop of Green Vibrance and 1 scoop of PureGreen Protein.

  • PureGreen Protein has an amino acid profile that is the same ratio of human muscle tissue plus it's all organic, easy to digest and vegetable based. Additionally there is no soy. I won't get into the soy discussion here, but just know, I'm not comfortable with soy as it's amino profile isn't complete and it can mess with the internal balance in the body. Additionally the soybean has a high concentration of Phylates which block intestinal absorption of essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc. 1 serving has 20 grams of protein.
  • Green Vibrance is a nutrient dense green superfood that in my opinion and from experience basically super charges the protein powder above. These two combined supply a one two punch of optimum health and vitality. Green Vibrance was designed to deliver a more complete nutrition, support the gut, help with healthy circulation, increase natural energy, cleanse and detox, feed the brain, care for your ticker, keep the blood sugar normal, support healthy cholesterol, boost immunity and reduce oxidatiive stress. In a nutshell, fill in all the gaps created by a modern diet.

Can you see why Batman would start his day with this? The question is, will you?


#2 - Stop Going To The Gym

Batman did not get into crime fighting shape by doing 20 minutes on the elliptical three times a week and following a sensible weight training program that a High School gym teacher came up with right before class.

To be in Batman's conditioning, the last place you need to go to is a cookie cutter gym. Time to get outside.

What does it take to be Batman?

It will take tremendous strength, agility and conditioning. You will need complete control over your body. You will need to be able to go from full sprint to silent still. After all, Batman is a ninja.

So hit the local park and start practicing body weight conditioning. Trust me, there are body weight drills equivalent in strength requirements to a deadlift, heavy squat and bench press all day long with the added benefit of agility and strength endurance.

I would recommend only two pieces of equipment if you're going to have equipment at all. First is a set of Olympic gymnastic rings and second would be a kettlebell.

As far as reading material to start your journey there are a several but to become a warrior, you must train like a a warrior.

Read the following:

  1. Convict Conditioning by Paul "Coach" Wade
  2. Viking Warrior Conditioning by Kenneth Jay
  3. The Naked Warrior by Pavel Tsatsouline.

These 3 books will get you into Batman shape in no time!

#3 - Get Yourself Some Kick Ass Gadgets

Whatever your budget is, make sure you got some cool gadgets. This concept should apply aptly to all "non-mutant" super hero's so if this article was titled, "5 Things Any Man Can Do To Feel Like James Bond Everyday" there would be a section on gadgets. Same goes for Ironman, Robin, The Green Hornet, Black Widow, The Punisher, etc.

You can't be a bass ass superhero with no superpowers and not have some kick ass gadgets.

So, for you in the real world, in order to feel like Batman, you'll need a couple items in the back of your personal Batmobile.

  • Night-vision goggles. Anyone in the war on crime can use these to see what the bad guys are up. You on the other hand can enjoy seeing in the dark to observe wildlife at night, sneak up on a loved one ala Silence of the Lambs or successfully navigate the woods while camping without a flashlight. Besides, if you're not pretending to be Batman, these also go well with playing Navy Seal and a late night paintball skirmish!
  • Next up would be a Ninja grappling hook and climbing gear. Batman afterall was a trained Ninja, so it make since you should have this. In addition, you'll never know when you'll need to scale a wall, tree or rock face. Imagine, the cute girl next door, her cat stuck in the tree, "No need for the fire dept ma'am." You exclaim as you save the day and have a moment reminiscent of an Axe body spray commercial...
  • Gotta have a multi-tool! From Bear Grills to Batman to you. Gotta have one. This is one that you put in your glove box or brief case or just somewhere handy as you truly never know when you'll need a screwdriver, flint, wire cutters, and a blade.


#4 - You need a Batmobile

Your ride says a lot about you. It's a symbol. Your car is a reflection of your personality. What does the Batmobile say about Batman?

Now, I'm not suggesting you go build your own Batmobile like Bob Dullam did, but what I am telling you is when you get your next car or even the one you have now, make sure you bring you to the vehicle.

Never settle for your next ride. For some, a car is just a way to get from point A to point B and for many, myself included, your car tells others who you are are. It's a statement of your individuality. As I mentioned before, making a statement with your car doesn't have to cost you an arm an a leg.

Consider this, at the time of this writing, 4/28/13, you can finance a Nissan Altima for 5 years and wind up with a payment in the $400 a month range -OR- you can lease a Infiniti G37 for $299+tax for 24 months. What would you rather roll up in on a date?

More car for less.

You can get an 09 Corvet in the mid 30's right now where a new one would be double that if not more.

You just need to be a savvy shopper to get the right Batmobile for yourself. Point being, don't settle for your next ride!

#5 Get a Sidekick and Some Weird Friends

One thing we can all agree on is Batman's got some weird friends. And so should you. You need a few nut cases in your life! Keeps it interesting!

Now, I'm not talking about psychopaths or dysfunctional negative people. What I am talking about is having people in your life that stimulate you, drive you, and keep you connected to your higher purpose. You're friends should help you be better and never bring you down.

And Batman also had Robin - at some point the caped crusader realized he can't do this alone. And again, neither should you. You need to have trustworthy friends and someone who will always have your back and vice versa.

Get a few great friends who push you to be and do better.

Bonus Round

Perform random acts of kindness, goodwill and generosity and do it secretly.

Batman wore the mask to not protect himself, but to protect the people he loved. You don't need a mask nor do you need to put joke telling wackos in an asylum.

You do however, need to help people at every chance you get and you will be better for it if you leave your name (ego) out of it and just not feel the need to be "recognized" for it.

If the good deed becomes more about you doing a good deed than about who you're helping right now, then it is in reality you stroking your own ego and not really a good deed after all. True character, they say, is what you do when no one's watching...

Some examples in the real world:

  • At a toll booth, pay the toll for the guy behind you as well as your own and have the person in the both instruct the person behind you to have a miraculous day.
  • Anonymously send a couple you know on a date. Get them 2 gift cards. One for a restaurant and another for the movie theater and mail it to them anonymously with a creative note. Take no credit! Just enjoy the story when they tell it to you.
  • Try dropping a $20 when no one's looking but somewhere it will be found
  • If you're going to donate clothing, try donating your favorite shirt. Watch how hard that will be and also watch what kind if dividend that will pay your spirit.
  • Next time you get bad service at a restaurant, just assume the server's off their game today and needs a pump up. Tip them 30%. That will help not only them but everyone else they're going to wait on for the rest of their shift.
  • Top off the parking meter before you leave.
  • Leave Post-it notes with positive affirmations in random places like a book store, supermarket or coffee house.

Try some of these and do them with no need for acknowledgement or reward and see what happens!

"Be kind whenever possible... It is always possible." -The Dalai Lama

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