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Five Things to Do Daily to Improve the Quality of Your Life

Updated on August 3, 2019

Focusing Small So That You Can Dream Big

There is a reason I decided to write this article. Now reaching my mid-thirties, Im noticing more and more people who either try to tackle too much at once, only setting themselves up for disappointment, or people who have so much on their plate they just choose to ignore it all and hope it magically disappears.

I really never like to be the bearer of bad news, but the truth is, life just isn't easy.

That being said, just because life may be hard, that sure doesn't mean we need to find ways to make it even more difficult for us. Now let's get to the five things you can do each day to improve the quality of your life!

Start Off Your Day Right With Some Brief Meditation

How often in your day do you get more than 5 minutes of silence? If you are a mother, a father, a boss, an employee- pretty much all of us are being talked to, talked at, interrupted, or doing the talking at some point throughout the day most likely 99% of the day.

I cannot encourage meditation enough. First of all, it could not be a simpler task to accomplish. Im literally asking you to sit up, either in a chair, on the floor, or even on your bed before you even get up completely. Next, close your eyes and concentrate on a thing, a person, a place, or an idea that brings you peace. Focus on that. When your mind begins to wonder, which it will, simply acknowledge the distraction and bring yourself back to whatever it was you were thinking about that was instilling peace within you.

If you can do this for as little as five minutes a day, every day, I really can promise you that you will begin your day with less stress, you will feel more at ease, and you will be more able to overcome frustrations, hurdles, and obstacles that come your way throughout the day.

Do One Thing to Improve Your Physical Health

I said from the beginning that I would list simple things that would improve the overall quality of your life, so Im certainly not going to ask you to begin exercising 8 hours a day and eating all organic. That just wouldn't be realistic.

Small changes add up however. If one day you decide to start walking around your block once or twice, then the next day you decide to walk twice as much, you will be quickly on your way to better physical health.

The better you feel physically, the better you are able to function mentally. Take care of your body and the rest will follow.

Whether that means changing your diet, changing your exercise routine, or even doing something like tackling your household chores more vigorously in order to get your heart pumping, it all will make a difference.

The key to this however is consistency. If you aren't consistent, don't expect anything to change.

This Riveting Ted Talk by David Meltzer Covers the Correlation Between Empathy, Gratitude, and Success

Push Your Own Comfort Zones

We ALL have comfort zones. Sure, some of our zones are much larger than other peoples' zones, but regardless, we all have things that make us uncomfortable, awkward, and hesitant.

The more we choose to face these things, the stronger we will become in the end.

Make a Gratitude List

Humans by nature are fantastic at complaining and focusing on everything that is going wrong in their lives. When asked what's going right, you are usually given a blank stare as the person racks their brain for any example they can give (despite the litany of things in their life that actually ARE going right).

Every morning, after you meditate but before you get your day going, I want you to jot down just five things that you are grateful for that day. They can be as small as knowing that you have enough coffee to make a full cup, or they can be massive... the sky is the limit.

By focusing on the things we ARE grateful for, we take away some of the power from the things that are leeching away at our positive nature and our sense of hope.

Complete a Simple and Random Act of Kindness

A random act of kindness is a non-premeditated, inconsistent action designed to offer kindness towards the outside world.

Random acts of kindness aren't done to improve your own self-worth, to make you feel like a saint, or to place an undeserved chip on your shoulder.

Random acts of kindness may help to improve mental health. There is some evidence that working to help others can be a way to cope positively with one’s own problems. Some people find that their own problems seem less severe when they help others, and the positive regard many people receive when they do kind things can help improve their mood.

How Many of These Do You Do Daily?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Kathleen Odenthal


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