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Five Ways to Boost Your Weight Loss Efforts

Updated on January 14, 2011

5 healthy ways to increase your weight loss

Sucking into your favorite pair of jeans day after day may have finally inspired you to start your weight loss journey, or you may have recently hit a plateau after months of faithful diet and exercise. Wherever you are on the path to a healthy weight, there are things that you can do to successfully boost your efforts. No need to starve yourself, eat only purple foods, or spend every waking second at the gym.

1. Get your recommended amount of water every single day. There is no doubt about it, water is good for you. Consuming more water will help boost your weight loss efforts by suppressing your appetite and enhancing your overall health. If you struggle with drinking enough water, shake things up a bit by flavoring it with a calorie free drink mix such as Crystal Light, or eat foods that have a high water content such as lettuce or tomatoes.

2. Track your calories. There are numerous free resources online that allow you to track your calories. Take advantage of them to help increase your weight loss. Track everything that you eat honestly, and review your choices weekly. Make a note of your weaknesses and make sure you are getting enough carbohydrates, protein, and vegetables. By tracking your calories you are holding yourself accountable, and can have a realistic idea of where your weaknesses lie. Sometimes just the shock of the amount of calories in certain foods will alarm you enough to help you start eating healthier. For instance, you may think that you are on track by swapping a double stack for a BLT chicken salad at Wendy's, when is reality that salad eats up 780 of your daily recommended calories!

3. Eat, eat, and eat some more. Although it may be counter intuitive, eating is a necessary component of losing weight. If you are eating less then the minimum amount of calories your body requires, you are starving yourself and effectively stalling your weight loss efforts. A basic guideline is to never eat less than 1200 calories a day, but this number will vary depending on your body weight, height, and your daily activity level. If your weight loss efforts plateau, or you are constantly feeling hungry during the day, consider adding an additional 200 to 300 calories daily.

4. Avoid the "diet hype." Diet foods and drinks exist for just about anything you could ever want to eat. Unfortunately most of them are loaded down with artificial ingredients and substances that are harmful to your health and your weigh loss efforts. Although products may seem healthy because they are low in calories, they can still sabotage your weight loss efforts. Take a good look at the diet products you've been using, and consider replacing them with an alternative that is actually healthy. In 2008, a study linked drinking just one diet soda a day to a condition called metabolic syndrome which can lead to an increase of unhealthy belly fat.

5. Get a fitness buddy. If you are not naturally drawn to exercise, or exercising is just another chore for you, consider getting a fitness buddy. Having a buddy to workout with keeps you on track and accountable. It also gives you support for those days when you would rather just curl up on the couch with some fast food and a good movie. Ask around your friends and family to find someone who shares similar fitness goals, or use a free online service to find support. A fitness buddy not only encourages you to get started exercising, they also make the time go by faster while you are exercising.

Keep in mind that weight loss is a journey, and is not an overnight accomplishment if you want it to last. Be safe and consult a physician before making any radical changes or starting a new weight loss program. You are not alone on your journey, and you have everything that it takes to reach your goals inside of you, don't give up.


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