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Five Ways to Live Simply

Updated on August 28, 2019
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Sherri is a certified meditation instructor, Reiki practitioner, and yogi.

Dragonfly by Sherri Tuck
Dragonfly by Sherri Tuck

So Others May Simply Live

Mahatma Gandhi once said "Live simply so others may simply live." Have you ever contemplated what it means to live simply? Perhaps you have tried to cut back on your consumption of fossil fuels or reduce your waste. You may define simple living many different ways. In the end, however, it all comes down to ensuring that there will be enough for future generations. The following article will discuss five easy ways to incorporate simple living into your lifestyle. Hopefully, after reading the article, you will be able to implement them with little-to-no effort.

1. Don't Buy What You Don't Need

We are all tempted to buy the latest must-have item. It may be an impulse purchase or we may obsess over the item until we have it in our possession. But, what happens once you obtain the item? If you are like me, the item will seldom be used. In the end, the item will be added to a cluttered attic, basement, or closet.

What about food? The commercial promised a tasty treat. Did you fall for it? Think about food items that you have purchased during the past weeks. Did you use everything that you purchased? How much did you throw in the trash?

The truth is that constantly purchase items that we do not need. We can reduce our personal waste just by leaving these items on the shelf.

2. Clean Out Those Junk-Filled Rooms

The first item probably reminded you that you need to free yourself of some unwanted items. If so, there is no time like the present to get rid of some unwanted clutter. Give old clothes to charity, or donate items to a local thrift store. You may want to think about having a yard sale to raise money for a local charity. Once you literally and figuratively clean house, you will feel better about your home and about yourself. Ridding our lives of unnecessary clutter is emotionally freeing plus you will be helping those in need.

3. Slow Down!

We move at a hectic pace. We find the need to run here and run there until we are stressed and frustrated. Perhaps it is time to reevaluate your priorities. Keep a journal listing your travels. After several weeks, take a look at your journal. Do you see ways to save time? Are you driving too much? Could you have walked to any of your locations?

If you realize that you are on-the-go way too much, try scheduling your activities a day ahead. If something unexpected pops up, ask if it is a priority. If not, it can be done another day. And, if all possible, make sure you are spending time with family and loved ones. In our rush to accomplish life's tasks, we often neglect the ones that we love the most.

4. Grow Your Own Food

Did you know that you can grow everything that you need for a salad on your patio? Growing your own food is remarkably easy. When you begin to grow your own food, you will develop a better appreciation for food production. In addition, make it a point to learn where your food comes from. You will probably be surprised at what you find.

5. Meditate Daily

It is important to take time to nourish our spiritual self. This can be done either through prayer or meditation. When we spend time nourishing the spirit, we develop compassion for others. We become mindful of how we live our lives and seek ways to live simply so that others may simply live.

My Garden by Sherri Tuck
My Garden by Sherri Tuck

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