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Fix It Quick Home Remedies

Updated on November 16, 2012

Home Remedies Work

Fix it quick home remedies work just as well as commercial remedies or better. Instead of running to the doctor every time you feel bad, get a bee sting and the such, remember what your Mom would do or your Grand Ma would do. The same remedies that they used way back when are still as effective now as they were back then.

A good cook has a mountain of herbs in the kitchen cabinet. If you don't know what they were really used for back in the old days, buy an herbal book. Sure, herbs are good to season your food but there are medicinal uses too.

Granda Ma Knows Best

Here are some old fashioned home remedies that I remember and they work:

  • Mosquito bites are annoying, itchy and cause the skin to swell. Roll on anti-perspirant has aluminum salts that will help the body absorb the fluid in the bug bite and reduce the swelling and itching.
  • Ear infections plagued my neighbor's children all the time. Childhood ear infections can be prevented with the help of sugarless gum because it is sweetened with xylitol. This stuff blocks the growth of the bacteria that cause ear infections.
  • The flu makes you feel terrible but you can feel better quicker if elderberry extract is taken four times daily for 5 days. The flu cycle is about 8 days long in most of us, taking elderberry shortens the cycle to about half the time.
  • Sore throat is bothersome for anybody, that scratchy dry pain makes you feel bad. The mixture for that if prepared properly will ease the pain for sure. In a cup of warm water, put 3 teaspoons of table salt in the water and stir. next gargle with the full cup 2-3 times a day. Viruses, the ones that cause colds, can not survive in a salty environment.
  • Weight-loss is a struggle for most, simply because we like to eat and I find nothing wrong with that. I'll give you a little self defense on that note. Add to your diet twice a day, a large bowl or mug of broth based, low calorie/sodium vegetable soup. This dish will make you feel full enough to eat less the rest of the day.


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