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Flatulence Underwear

Updated on August 2, 2009

OK, What the hell is Flatulence Underwear?

Excessive flatulence is the release of gases or ‘flatus’ that can be very foul smelling at times. It is, in fact, a by-product of the digestive process wherein food is processed and absorbed in the small intestines, but the undigested food particles are transported to the large intestine from where they are excreted. Basically, undigested food ferments in the bowel causing flatulence, and there are several foods that are responsible for this fermentation. Also certain diet choices such a high fiber or a high protein diet can generate flatulence. Many health conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Functional Dyspepsia, Crohn’s disease, Gastroenteritis; to name a few, can also be greatly responsible for flatulence. Other causes of flatulence may be the regular intake of laxatives, an intake of too many complex carbohydrates and various medications.

Those who suffer from excessive flatulence find themselves in embarrassing situations that are humiliating; thereby making them shy away from the public and even their loved ones. People anguished by flatulence, specifically those that have awful smelling flatulence begin to fear going out. The foul smell from the released gas is disgusting and unbearable to others and it is difficult to be seated in the same room as the person suffering from severe and regular flatulence. People with excessive flatulence could also be making their families miserable, as they have to bear the brunt of the bad odours at all times of the day. If you are faced with a similar situation, there is no need to worry any more because solutions have been found that can easily help you get rid of this problem by controlling flatulence odor.

Flatulence Underwear CAN help

There are no basic flatulence treatments, but much to the relief of others, there certainly is a way of controlling flatulence odor and keeping the foul smells away from under their noses. The answer to this problem is the use of a flatulence filter in ’flatulence underwear’. These have proven to successfully suppress the bad odours and allow one to socialise without fear by simply controling flatulence odor. There are a few manufacturers producing this wonderful underwear which have helped people leave behind their inhibitions and face the world with greater confidence by giving flatulence relief. We shall now take a look at what some of the manufacturers have to offer and how this flatulence underwear really works.

Under-Ease Flatulence Underwear

First on our list is the flatulence underwear known as Under-Ease that has been launched by Under-tec. Under-Ease flatulence underwear is made of airtight polyurethane nylon fabric. In the underwear you will find a triangular cut that has been provided at the back for the easy expulsion of flatus.

While the outer covering of this triangular exit is made up of a simple porous material, the inner part consists of a pocket that houses a high technology flatulence filter, which helps get rid of any foul smell that the flatus may contain. A carbon filter is placed in the centre, which is then encompassed by a layer of unwoven polypropylene and spun glass materials. This again is covered by wool felt and finally by a soft durable material that enables quick and easy replacement of the flatulence filter.

The underwear is easily washable and can last for a year if wash and care instructions are followed as recommended by the manufacturer. Also the filters are long lasting though this fact is determined by the rate of use. The Under-Ease flatulence underwear can last anywhere from a number of weeks to many months.

Many people have tried out the product and are immensely satisfied by the results. You can visit the Under-Ease flatulence underwear website at and see for yourself what the product has to offer you. Both you and your family will be glad that you took this step.

As they don't show any images of their shreddies flatulence underwear, I don't somehow think it looks as good as the above...
As they don't show any images of their shreddies flatulence underwear, I don't somehow think it looks as good as the above...

Shreddies Flatulence Underwear

Next on the list is the underwear from the makers - Shreddies. This has a powerful carbon flatulence filter that is placed inside the underwear and helps free the gas of its odours. Apart from the flatulence underwear, Shreddies also offers other kinds of underwear for both men and women that help keep out any kind of body odours.

The website offers a good amount of useful information too that helps in clarifying some of the questions that people may have.

Flat-D Flatulence Underwear

Third is the flatulence underwear from, a company registered with the FDA. It has successfully been supplying flatulence underwear and other merchandise for controlling flatulence odor for individuals as well as medical purposes for the last five years.

Their patented underwear uses strong carbon flatulence filters to remove bad smells. The products have been tested and approved for their efficiency by doctors. The Flat-D flatulence underwear is recommended by doctors to their patients suffering from various problems such as, IBS, Ostomy, gastric bypass etc.

GasMedic Flatulence Underwear

Another popular flatulence underwear comes from GasMedic. It has an exclusive source-trapping filter that prevents the odours from coming out of the underwear, thus making it possible for other people to be in the same room as the patient instead of being driven away by their smelly flatus.

Apart from the flatulence underwear, the website has other products for controlling flatulence odor such as the flatulence seat, which is basically a thin cushion that can be placed on a chair and consists of similar carbon filters. You can take a look at their products in detail at

As we have seen, with products such as these, it has become much easier for excessive flatulence sufferers to avoid embarrassing situations and face the world with more ease. Gone are the days where the unfortunate victim will be forced to lock themselves alone in a room; instead, now they can mix in and not have to worry anymore. These products may seem quite comical at first thought, but when you give it some serious consideration, it actually addresses an immensely common condition that should have been tackled long ago. Controlling flatulence odor in the absence of effective flatulence treatments can be the best answer.

This hub brought to you...

by Julie-Ann Amos, professional writer, and owner of international writing agency

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    • sueroy333 profile image

      Susan Mills 

      5 years ago from Indiana


      I found your hubpage after having written my own on Subtle Butt and a few other interesting products. I linked to yours from mine, as mine isn't nearly as informative as yours. :D

      Shredders... who knew?

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      how much will be cost of one flatulence underwear.

    • stricktlydating profile image


      9 years ago from Australia

      Wow! How interesting, I never knew!

    • profile image

      Relax just do it. 

      9 years ago

      Honestly, no one ever died from flatulence.

      Many of us take secret pleasure in enjoying such a natural and pleasurable release. Others take cruel pleasure in letting rip in crowded places. It is revenge for all those gases others have assailed us with in the past.

      One thing for sure. I'm not wearing cast iron underwear to cope with those mornings after a fine curry- and no other material would endure.

    • Julie-Ann Amos profile imageAUTHOR

      Julie-Ann Amos 

      9 years ago from Gloucestershire, UK

      Too early to tell but I was intrigued and the topic turned into a new hub!

    • rb11 profile image


      9 years ago from Las Vegas

      Have the adsense ads gotten any play on this subject?


    • Julie-Ann Amos profile imageAUTHOR

      Julie-Ann Amos 

      9 years ago from Gloucestershire, UK

      No, but I only researched the underwear as AdSense ads for it were appearing all over my lingerie hubs!

    • rb11 profile image


      9 years ago from Las Vegas

      This problem indicates a more serious health issue and toxin buildup in the intestinal area affect other organs. Did you come across anything to reduce this build-up?


    • Julie-Ann Amos profile imageAUTHOR

      Julie-Ann Amos 

      9 years ago from Gloucestershire, UK

      Hi Franko thanks for that!

    • bingskee profile image


      9 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines

      i find it amusing that in the Philippines this is not really taken that serious as if farting is a natural process that has to be expelled.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Good job researching this piece. You did not mention the Flat-D products are the least expensive and they have the most variety of products available. With Flat-D you can use your own underwear. All the other products are very expensive and you must wear their hot, noisy plastic underwear, and they wear out so you must throw them out.

    • Julie-Ann Amos profile imageAUTHOR

      Julie-Ann Amos 

      9 years ago from Gloucestershire, UK

      Flatulence Underwear for dogs is a GREAT idea Mardi! Thanks for the comments everyone...

    • profile image

      Rakesh Sharma Jack 

      9 years ago

      Hey Julie...a wonderful article by you again :)

      Every time I read your stuffs I get inspiration to do a lot many things in my life.

      Keep enlighten us with such eye-openers.

    • viryabo profile image


      9 years ago

      I'm still laughing, my ribs are cracking and the flatus may follow. LOL!! cant stop. Love this hub absolutely. My husband and i cant tolerate milk products much, so this is great news. Wow Julie Anne, Great write-up.

    • Mardi profile image

      Mardi Winder-Adams 

      9 years ago from Western Canada and Texas

      Haha - Christmas presents galore! Also do you know if they have any similar dog products, would like to stock up on those!!

    • Julie-Ann Amos profile imageAUTHOR

      Julie-Ann Amos 

      9 years ago from Gloucestershire, UK

      The product is advertised in AdSense ads on my lingerie hubs... therefore I did some research...

    • Pete Maida profile image

      Pete Maida 

      9 years ago

      This is definitely one of the oddest products ever pushed in a hub.

    • ethel smith profile image

      Ethel Smith 

      9 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      This one has to be a joke. Right? If not I know what Hubby's getting for his birthday lol

    • judydianne profile image


      9 years ago from Palm Harbor, FL

      Who knew? Thanks for shedding light on a most "embarrassing" topic!

    • marleymauve profile image


      9 years ago from near Toronto


      You never cease to amaze me with your hub-making prowess!

      I think I've now got a few people covered for Christmas present ideas. Thank you! ROFL!



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