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Flower Therapy

Updated on July 9, 2020

There is no one who does not like receiving flowers - we look at them as an authentic gift of the purest and most sentimental that exists. This set of positive feelings that they convey to us is, in itself, sufficient to make us genuinely happier. There are many experiences and studies that point to a lasting therapeutic effect on all of us when we come into contact with them. Floral healing properties are used in what we call floral therapy, as an effective treatment to cure certain pathologies.

This therapy consists of a practice that uses flower essences and fragrances as healing mechanisms, in order to improve our physical and mental health. Whether as a medicine or as a true mental healing power, the reality is that flowers play a special role in our lives and in this healing process. It is precisely there that simplistic elements appear, such as flower pots in the center of our kitchen or our living room, celebrating feelings of hope and happiness.

Many of the medicinal compounds that we find in certain medicines are made from plants, as well as many of the common healing ingredients in natural medicines. The healing power of plants is present even in the painkiller Aspirin, which is derived from willow bark. The fact that medicines are created from plants leads us to conclude that flower therapy can even improve our mood since it is also related to the elimination of pain.

Excellent examples of the eternal "power of the flower" are Aloe Vera and lavender. The first, in addition to being useful in medicinal terms, is a unique component in beauty products; the second, in addition to having a relaxing smell, is also used as a method of relaxing and hydrating the skin.

Sometimes, taking the break that we miss so often can be, simply, stopping to smell the flowers that we have in our garden or even those roses that we were offered a few days ago. There are many studies that point to an improvement in our mood when we are in the presence of these plants, indicating that their presence in a certain room may be sufficient to create a calm and positive aura.

We must consider the healing value of flowers because the truth is that many surveys reveal that the happiness of the recipient is more genuine and can last longer. The use of flowers is not only done using natural medicines: we must remember that plants completely change our lives through products that we use frequently to stop a headache, for example. In addition, this therapy is suitable for anyone who feels charged with negative energies and who is in need of renewing and raising their vibratory pattern. The essence of the flower balances us and facilitates our process of changing and transforming negative emotions into neutral emotions (which are then transmuted to positive emotions).


The story of using flowers to heal emotional imbalances began thousands of years ago, with papyrus documentation discovered in Ancient Egypt. However, it was in the year 1930 that the British physician Edward Bach more deeply analyzed floral power, recognizing all its qualities through his clinical and personal observations, having developed Bach flower essences.

Unlike essential oils or herbal extracts, which contain the physical substances extracted from plants, the essence of the flower does not have its physical part. In flower therapy, it is the vital force and vibrational signature of the plant that matters, which are printed on a water-based matrix. All of this is achieved by immersing the Sun in the flowers, for some time. Then, the water is filtered and boosted using its own dilution methods.


Flower therapy distances itself from biochemical interventions, something that makes it difficult to evaluate and study from the point of view of science. Unlike pharmaceutical products, flower essences work according to the principle of resonance in the human energy field, which affects physical and emotional health.

Flower essences are therefore based on vibrational energy, not biochemistry, stimulating the body's natural ability to return to its balance. The energetic qualities of each floral essence are shown through their color, shape, habitat, and growth patterns.


Since flower essences are very safe and can be used by everyone, the positive results of their use can include greater peace and tranquility during the most stressful and worrying episodes of your life, allowing you to face everything with more joy and optimism, finding a deeper understanding of who you are and your purpose and direction of life.

The effectiveness of this treatment depends on the patient's degree of imbalance. Some flower essences can have an immediate effect, while others can allow a slower spread of the effects, and it may take weeks before results are felt. Any energy that does not correspond to the vibration of the chosen flowers, will dissipate, and if you choose the wrong flower, you will not feel any change.

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