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Food Addiction- My struggle being over weight

Updated on September 1, 2011

The chance to change my life and live!

Food Addiction

By: Latanya Williams

Growing up as a little girl I tried to balance myself on the weight scale. My weight would go up and down. There were periods in my life where I was too small or too fat. It was hard to find my ideal weight. The women in my family were large women and I was the smallest of my mother’s children. There were times when I would get depressed by being the smallest and hearing others say I looked anorexic because I was smaller than them. Those words really hurt. Not only did I have o deal with comments such as that but not being able to connect on a level with my peers and being misunderstood.

In my teen years my weight was manageable at lest that’s what I thought. I had weighted in between 130lbs-150lbs and I found comfort in those sizes. I maintain the weight for several years later until my early 20’s when I became pregnant with my daughter. Now I had a baby bump and weighted in at 207lbs. I was eating for two instead of consuming the amount of food I needed to feed my hunger. Not only did I grow from my baby but I depended on food to help me through my everyday struggles and pain. I would turn to food even more after my baby was born by sneaking late night feeding for myself. I would keep junk food by and eat out every chance that I got at the local fast food stores. It was my heaven to escape my troubles and shape my curves my way.

I needed to eat and splurge on food even more than I thought when I had to deal with a difficult custody battle. I gained more than I ever thought would by reaching my highest point in weight. Still I continued to be the smallest of my mother’s children and still being over weight. I would lose a little then gain it all back, this process continued over and over. Today I am trying to lose weight and I know I can achieve my goal with help and true dedication. What I learned was not to judge myself on the views of others and love me for me. Food is meant to be eaten when hungry not to be used as a comfort blanket from pain. They say you are what you eat, so watch what you eat and eat with care. Most of all if you are addicted to food like me seek help and know that you are not alone.

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