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Food Allergies? That Must Be My Problem...

Updated on March 25, 2010

A Poem For My Body

It's 6:30 AM in my house; and I've awakened to music in the air.

I roll myself within the sheets and focus a blank stare.

Another day of living. Another day begun...

I haul my butt right out of bed and want to have some fun.

Instead I reach for tissues to catch the falling drips;

My eyes are swollen shut and I have two big fat lips.

It must have been my dinner. So relished the night before.

I went to bed feeling pretty good and now I'm just plain sore!

My allergist says that, trees, grass, my pet...

All cause me to swell and sneeze; as for food, he can't say yet.

But there has to be a connection to my seeping eyes and nose;

That the food I eat must make me sick and keep me in ill fitting clothes!

High fructose syrup, MSG and saturated fats.

My cankels balloon, my belly blows up and oh those sagging tats!

I recall a couple weeks there, when I gave up processed food.

I shed some pounds and danced around and had a pretty good mood.

Then, cookies began to call my name. I had no self control.

I downed a package then sought more and gained a couple rolls.

I am now in a cesspool of eating again and feeling very bad.

I know that processed food and junk has made me oh so sad.

It's hard however to stop the drug so cleverly hidden in foods I eat...

Like nicotene and addictive things, I constantly crave those sweets.

A complete withdrawl and reading labels is what I need to do.

I know my body will thank me then and I'll learn a thing or two.

So when your allergist claims that food is not your issue

Examine your diet through tear stained tissues.

I guarantee that you'll lose that seat!

Stick with fruit, veggies, dairy and meat....

Limit your dining to the table at home,

Cook with care and read your labels....

Try to eat at the kitchen table.

Put yourself first and forgo most sweets

Because as you look in the mirror, you'll see you are what you eat!


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