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Calcium Rich Foods for Calcium Deficiency

Updated on June 1, 2012

Calcium is a mineral which is essential for the growth and development of human skeletal system and bones. It is a vital component of our bones, teeth and is required for many of the body’s metabolic processes. Calcium deficiency may cause osteoporosis in elderly people. It is a condition due to which bones tend to become weak and brittle. It may cause frequent bone fractures. If the calcium levels drop, the nervous system may be adversely affected. It may also cause muscle spasms. Requirement of calcium for the body depends on the age and certain other factors. It varies from 600 mg for infants to 1200 mg per day for the elderly people. Pregnant women and postmenopausal women also require more calcium.

Several calcium rich foods are available to overcome calcium deficiency. A balanced diet should always have sufficient quantities of the mineral. The absorption of the mineral by the body may differ from one person to another. Children absorb more than adults. Intestinal absorption of calcium requires vitamin D. It is also connected with weight loss.

Some of the calcium rich foods for calcium deficiency are

Diary products

Diary products are a very good source of calcium. A 200 ml glass of milk and 150 ml of yogurt contain 300mg of mineral. 50 grams of cheese contains 500mg of the mineral. Many milk products are fortified vitamin D which helps the absorption of calcium.


Fish and seafood are an excellent source of calcium. Sardines, salmons, oysters contain the mineral in abundant quantities. Canned fish is also a very good source.


Several vegetables are a rich source of the mineral. Some of them are turnip greens, broccoli, okra, cabbage, garlic, curry leaves, beans, lentils, potatoes and mustard greens.


Apple juice contains a very high amount of calcium. One orange contains 75mg of the mineral. Acai berry powder contains 250 mg of the mineral in 100 grams. Fruits like tamarind, orange, mulberry, jackfruit, blueberries and tangerines are also a rich source of the mineral.

Only 25 to 30 percent of the calcium we take is absorbed by the body. The presence of vitamin D helps the body to absorb more. Foods should be cooked with minimum amount of water to retain calcium. Calcium deficiency can be overcome by including these calcium rich foods in the diet.


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    • bnsridhar profile image

      bnsridhar 5 years ago from India

      The diary products, fish, vegetables and fruits, I have mentioned, may help in the long run to get over calcium deficiency. There is no magic cure for your condition. You have to consult a specialist immediately.

    • profile image

      raftam 5 years ago

      hey guys i have to much loss of calcium in my body which is probably leading to freezing or paralysing of my legs and especially my hands i want to go to sports meet which is going too be held in my colleage and my parents arent allowing me pls tell me how to over come this