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Foods that give happiness

Updated on July 20, 2015

Eat for feeling

The human body produces serotonin and endorphin by itself, but also, it can be enhanced the natural production of these substances by eating certain types of nutrients. So, instead of being produced by the body, this can get it from the food you eat.

Tryptophan: an energy reserve

The National Library of Medicine USA reports that the amino acid tryptophan is a need to ensure normal growth in infants and for nitrogen balance in adults. As the body cannot provide it by itself, it must get from food.

Cheese, chicken and eggs.

Foods highest in Tryptophan includes: cheese, chicken and turkey, eggs, fish and milk. Once the body is in a position to absorb the tryptophan is transformed into serotonin, a chemical responsible for a healthy sleep and a balanced mood.

Why cakes tempt us?

The brain can absorb tryptophan when combined with carbohydrates, which then transform into sugars. So many times, in cases of stress or frustration, the body “calls for” a stimulus of carbs, like a delicious cake or a pizza. An adequate level of blood sugar can ensure a good mood.

Peanuts and soy: vegetable joy.

In the plant kingdom there is tryptophan: in peanuts (and peanut butter), soybeans (and tofu), pumpkin seeds and watermelon, corn, oats, wheat, rice, Spirulina algae, apples, pomegranates, bananas, onions , tomato, ginger, pineapple and avocado.

Endorphin factories of happiness.

They are chemicals secreted by the brain that causes a feeling of well-being. They are released during exercise, in situations of extreme excitement, or when chocolate and spicy foods are consumed.

Chilies or peppers.

The spiciest foods by excellence are the chilies or peppers. The brain perceives the spicy food as if were pain, and to relieve it releases endorphin that develope a feeling of wellbeing. These vegetables also contain capsaicin, chemical compound that operates in the nervous system.

Capsaicin: the stimulating

Capsaicin stimulates thermal receptors of the skin and mucous membranes. It is attributed with aphrodisiac properties and helps maintain active metabolism. The highest concentration is in the most peppers, which are ranked according to the Scoville scale, which measures the hotness or pungency.

Oranges, blueberries and spinach.

Colorful foods are also given a beneficial effect on our mind. Red foods are stimulants, blue, violet or purple give a sense of peace, yellow foods improve mood, and greens promote concentration.

Chocolate, pleasure and happiness.

Its sugar and cocoa butter help the body to absorb tryptophan, which is then converted into serotonin, one of the substances of happiness. Cocoa also provides the body with caffeine, a natural stimulant. And there is one final element: by eating chocolate. Taste, softness and smoothness can give pleasure.

Bananas and pineapples.

Bananas are easy to digest and contain tryptophan, which when converted to serotonin, calm the nervous system. They also have delicious flavor and help balance the acid levels in the body. Pineapple is another biological stimulant, that promotes the production of serotonin and stimulates circulation.


In moderate amounts, caffeine stimulates the physical and mental functioning. One or two cups of coffee a day are an inexpensive and simple recipe to feel better. If is used in excess, can cause tachycardia.

Organic Food.

Eating organic foods grown without pesticides or in organic production centers ensure that the body does not receive harmful chemicals. This gives peace of mind and also, satisfaction for respecting the environment.


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