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For Good Health - Walking And Diet Habits

Updated on June 23, 2011

The person who understands the concept of walking only will become a successful walker.The interest to learn will make a man to learn many things.Your physical fitness and circumstances are other reasons for your growth and success.

For the successful walking first key point is relaxation.Reason-stress will make us not to do any work efficiently.Mussels of a person will not cooperate because of the stress.And a stress full persons brain will be in a state coma.So ,if you want to start walking,you have to leave your work and tensions at home.

The persons who are doing hard walking or fifty minutes run,it is necessary to have one day rest for a week.If there is any strain on your feet, It is very important to stop your walking untill you recover from that.Start your walking in this order slow walk ,speed walk ,slow jogging and then speed jogging.

Diet Habits

You must follow some strict diet better for walking or jogging.Don't take heavy food if you are going for a walking or jogging early in the morning.It is better for your health if you Start your walking half an hour after taking any of these - Light carbohydrates ,Sprouts , Milk or Butter Milk.

If you do like this,you can protect your digestive system from problems like formation of gas.At the same time you can do walk with full energy and with out fatigue.If yo want to go for a walk in the afternoon it is better to take healthy breakfast and go to walk after two hours.

If you want to go for a walk in the evening, take carbohydrate food, which easily digests.It will help you to control your blood sugar levels and gives energy to your body.Low fiber food,food without lactose is important for every one.Because of these foods no intestinal problems will reach you.You have to do walking regularly.

Drinking Enough Water

If you drink enough water every cell and mussel in your body will function with energy.Two percent increase of water levels in your body will increase your energy at the time of walking.So your walking will be perfect and no room for inefficient walk.It is very important to take at least five liters of water everyday.

Benefits of walking

  • It will strengthen your back muscles.
  • It will make your waist thin.
  • It will give good shape for your buttocks and legs.
  • It will strengthen your bones.
  • It will decrease blood pressure and cholesterol
  • controls heart attack and diabetes
  • Will develop positive attitude
  • Important point is 99%it reduces the risk of cancer
  • Increases your brain power.


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