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For or Against Euthanasia.

Updated on January 2, 2011

The Choice

It seems unusual that we are able to help end the suffering of our pets and yet not allow fellow human beings to end their life as they choose. Who would really sit by and watch a cat or dog in pain, or despair and then leave them to it?

Many people have religious views as to why they do not agree with this, and while accepting that they will always be opposed to it for themselves, should they be able to decide against it for others? Telling a non believe that God will be displeased is pointless - I know that because I have been told how my views will displease him many time.

Pain relief can only work for certain people and certain illnesses. It is not surprising that the people who headline the campaign for assisted deaths are people who are not in pain, and usually cannot feel, or in the future will not be able to feel anything. It is bad enough being in the condition you are in, but knowing that it will only get worse, and if the people you love most try to help you do what you want they may be prosecuted.

Dignitas is an outlet for people still in a position to say what they want to do and are still able to travel. To have to travel to another country to enable a loved one to receive the release they need is an awful thing for people to have to do.

Dignity in Dying is leading the campaign here to allow British citizens the right to make that choice in their own country. The irony is that the people who oppose euthanasia because it shortens lives are actually pushing people to end their lives earlier than they have to. To go to Holland you have to travel and most people don't want to wait until they are to ill to do this.

In time we might have the rights that we ask for, and lets face it - who knows what will happen next week. While it is someone else in what they believe to be an unacceptable condition, it is easy to say what you want, but if you are there you may change your minds.

If anyone is interested in looking at the campaigns run by Dignity in Dying here is a link to their site.


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    • katiem2 profile image

      katiem2 7 years ago from I'm outta here

      Hard choices, I hope this helps us to talk more about this touch subject of Euthanasia and therefore come to an agreement as to what to do when the time comes as it always comes. Great topic and well done!1 :) Katie

    • Johnny Parker profile image

      Johnny Parker 7 years ago from Birkenhead, Wirral, North West England

      My Dad ended up in a nursing home pretty much helpless, leading a very undignified life. You are right, you wouldn't treat an animal that way. If I could have helped him out of that misery I would have done.

      Also good to meet a fellow Scouser on Hubpages!

    • profile image

      dignityindying 7 years ago

      Karonher, thanks for much for this important post and for including a link to our organisation.

      For anyone interested in reading more on the campaign, you can also follow our Head of Campaigns and Communications' blog at:

      Best wishes

      Emily, Senior Campaigns Officer, Dignity in Dying

    • L.L. Woodard profile image

      L.L. Woodard 7 years ago from Oklahoma City

      Karonher, I agree 100 percent with your view of living wills.

    • Karonher profile image

      Karonher 7 years ago from Liverpool

      I could never make that decision for anyone else even if I thought it was what they wanted. Living wills are a help as you can give your view while you are alive.

    • L.L. Woodard profile image

      L.L. Woodard 7 years ago from Oklahoma City

      It's difficult to think of a topic that brings more emotion than euthanasia. I think it is one thing for a person to make the decision for his/herself, and another thing entirely for a physician or loved one to make that decision.

    • Karonher profile image

      Karonher 7 years ago from Liverpool

      Thanks. I know it is not for everyone, but I would like to have the choice if I need it.

    • Sam9999 profile image

      Sam9999 7 years ago

      Interesting Hub. You make some valid points!