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Forgiveness on Good Friday

Updated on April 10, 2020

Good Friday 2020: Forgiving others

The power of forgiveness

How would it be if you were able to go to all of your perceived former enemies, and realize they had all given you a gift out of their enmity?

One of my gifts as a psychic is being able to 'play the tape' through a bad situation you may be enduring. and translate that out into something that is a great blessing in your life.

I will share an example from my own life.

In sixth grade, I was playing with a friend of mine in a park. She had a huge golf flag pole. She was recklessly swinging it, when all of a sudden she swung it at me and hit me on the right side of the head. I fell down, saw 100 stars, and had a splitting headache for days.

Unfortunately, since I had grown up in a troubled family situation, I was not able to confide in my parents, who were divorced at that time. I had been hit severely in the head.

Looking back on this now, this individual did not do me any harm, she actually gave me a gift. The right hippocampal gyrus hypertrophies in brain injuries such as this. This may have actually enhanced some of my psychic abilities.

I recently cleared my chakras in preparation for expanding my psychic career. I noticed the right side of my brain, as well as my body, were indeed more toxic than the left side. However, if not for these toxins, my body may not have been hard-wired to adapt and grow stronger.

Hormesis is the term for generally favorable biological responses to low exposures to toxins and other stressors. It comes from Greek hórmesis "rapid motion, eagerness", itself from ancient Greek hormáein "to set in motion, impel, urge on".

I believe healing of all kinds is what enables us all to forgive each other. When we heal, we are able to realize that without our previous happenings, we may not have been entrusted with important gifts we've received.

It is important to do the healing work first, before considering forgiving or releasing the pain. I often use the analogy of a sore foot that a perceived enemy has been stepping on. Perfect healing will have made the foot stronger. If your foe has the inclination to still hurt you, know that upon returning you are more resilient.

That being said, one does not have to physically re-encounter the person to forgive them. Forgiveness can happen before a person is fully healed. The wounds we receive are more easily forgiven, the more we strive to heal.

If you find you are struggling with forgiving someone, consider your own healing path and how you can raise your vibration to overcome any fear, anger or resentment. Then, after you have completed the healing work, do a visualization exercise. Envision all those who have done wrong of any kind. Release the anger you hold towards those people and say, 'Thank you'. Meditate not on how you were wronged, but how that person increased your levels of compassion, so that you can serve others better.


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