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Fountain of Youth - Is it the Food We Eat

Updated on April 29, 2016

"Everybody wants to live forever, but nobody wants to grow old"

- Johnathan Swift

Growing old is painful. Fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, sagging skin and puffy eyes, these signs of aging give an uneasy feeling to heart and nobody can ever put a pause in the harsh process of aging. Though the natural process of aging cannot be stopped, it can surely be delayed. If Ponce De Leon failed to find a fountain of youth, we would have to find it somewhere inside us, to enjoy a longer share of our youth that is based on the principles of a healthy lifestyle.

Where is the fountain of youth?
Where is the fountain of youth?

Well, it becomes very difficult to accept the fact that everybody in this world will grow old and ultimately die, but accepting the truth not only offers wisdom to a person but a sense of pride that should come with the growing age. Getting older is a reward that brings knowledge and understanding. Youth never comes back, and old age is the truth that will be the only end or all of us.

Yeah, I agree that the signs of aging will cover everybody's face with each passing day, but I feel that this process can be delayed if we are ready to make some efforts.

If we keep on having adulterated and junk food, we will definitely grow older before time. We will have to understand the importance of good food in our lives for healthier lifestyles that are filled with full of youthful energy.

Is the food that we eat determines our outer appearance?
Is the food that we eat determines our outer appearance?

Our food is the central element to decide the status of our physical as well as mental health in the future. A sound mind and healthy body are the paradigms of youth, and I am very sorry to say that most of us are least bothered about the kind of food we eat.

Needless, to say that our food decides our life span. The only solution to youthful living is healthy eating habits and that too in small portions.

We all know that diseases like diabetes, heart problems, hypertension are the biggest killer throughout the world, and the greatest reason of the growing instances in the percentage of these conditions is the wrong food habits to which we all are accustomed to.

Though hereditary causes can be a possibility for acquiring these diseases for a few cases, still the adoption of healthy food habits can even lower the instances of these diseases among the higher risk groups.

Do you think that our food is the real fountain of youth?

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If our food habits decide the longevity of our youth and health, what are the factors we need actually to care about that can inculcate in us a habit of taking better food at right times?

  • The leading factor is the quantity of food that we eat. It is always advisable to eat smaller sizes of the meal. When we love food, we don't stop ourselves from overeating. Such a habit leads us to obesity and various other health risks. The habit of overeating makes the size of our stomach bigger and we tend to eat larger portions of food which we must not. Overeating will do nothing good, but will only make you obese. Therefore, smaller meal sizes must be the focal point for everybody.
  • Go for lower calorie food with fewer dressings and sauces. Saucy and creamy foods are high in calories and are very unhealthy. So, if you want to stay away from obesity just say a "no-no" to such kind of mouthwatering sausages.
  • Add lean meats in your diet but make it sure to get optimum protein. It is necessary for maintaining the immune system. Protein food has a skin tightening elements to it, and so include enough protein in your diet, but do not forget to stick to a low-calorie diet.
  • Eat more of fruits and vegetable and reduce the intake of high carbohydrate diet. High carb diet makes you fat and at the same time lethargic .Take less sugar and don't go for processed food. Rather eat more of organic food. Organic is though an expensive option, but nothing cost more than your very precious health. These things will really help to stay energetic throughout the day and at the same time help you to stay healthier and younger for longer.
  • Drink a lot of water. Water flushes off all the toxins from the body and keeps you fresh throughout the day. People who drink a lot of water are bestowed with flawless skin that can be held free from fine lines and wrinkles and other skin problems for longer. Even the skin tends to sag lesser than all those people who do not have proper and planned food habits.

Decide what to eat and in what quantity?

Another important aspect that you must not ignore is "What you must eat and in what quantity?"

Everybody needs a certain amount of calories. It is important to have a restricted diet, but we cannot eliminate a lot of food items from our diet chart. The human body needs a balanced food to fulfill the essential dietary requirement of the body. The balanced diet contains a certain amount of minerals to offer energy to the body. Anything in excess or lesser amount will either lead to obesity or undernourishment. Both of these extreme cases can pose a severe threat to the health of a person.

Just don't make your diet a complicated thing. Focus on eating healthy, try to eat less and split your meals for 5-6 times in a day. Eat in small potions, and you will explore one day, why kids our kids are healthier and more energetic spirits.

Well, it may not sound very convincing to most of us, but for me, this is the best way to maintain good health and youthful energy.

I know it well, where my fountain of youth is, and I seek for it inside me. My fountain of youth is my diet that is more focused towards a healthy diet plan. Where is yours?


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    • sukhneet profile image

      Sukhneet Kaur Bhatti 2 years ago from India

      Very true @Rajan Jolly. I completely agree to what you say, but still the importance of eating healthy cannot be overlooked in today's stressful lives.

    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 2 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      We are what we eat as the saying goes. I also would say we look and feel as we eat.

      The importance of eating healthy cannot be over emphasized. You make useful points.


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