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Free: Health Care - Canada vs USA

Updated on July 26, 2011

What's all the Fuss about?

Most wait times are long here but, damn it -- everyone is migrating here to get into our Free Health Care plan.
If it's real serious, we can always cross the border and pay for it, I suppose.

I wrote an article about a Cat bite previous to this one and ended up getting into a debate of sorts with an U.S. Citizen because we (Canadians) have a better Health Care system. The Americans on the other hand are still fighting over a plan to even get a Health Care system.

Canadians can go to a doctor, stay in a hospital bed for weeks or months, have open heart surgery, hip replacement or whatever and still come home without having spent a penny and without any worries over losing their house. We, as Canadians have it pretty good here. On the other side of the border, people must have some kind of Health Care insurance or end up paying huge bills and even going as far as to claim Bankruptcy .

Now you are can argue that Canadians pay heavy taxes to manage this plan and you're absolutely right. You can argue that we have a lack of doctors and that a few million people here can't even get a doctor because many physicians leave for the States, enticed with higher pay and free homes -- and you're right again. But, what you aren't hearing is that most of these doctors, after being in the U.S. for several years and seeing that the grass is not always greener on the other side, are now making their way home in droves. O.K. -- you can call them Canada Geese I suppose. They soon begin to realize that -- Hey, I miss my home, my friends, heck, even Hockey! And you know what, the government is even paying doctors now a little more to keep them home and, for the most part, they are staying put. We still have to work on getting more family doctors for the millions without a doctor but that's because so many immigrants are coming here just to get in on this Health Care plan that many countries have already implemented themselves, including Cuba of all places.

Yes, yes -- the taxes are high, the food prices are higher, the homes are more expensive, but we don't have the debt like the Americans -- in the trillions of dollars which they'll never get out of and we don't have to worry about losing our homes because we suddenly get sick.

You know, the government that brought in the higher taxes went from a Majority Government to being almost completely wiped off the map after an election some twenty years ago. Brian Mulroney of the Conservative party lost every seat in the house, but two -- two measly little seats -- wiped out basically. But hey, they're back in power again for the last five years and just might, after May 2/2011, get re-elected again even though the NDP party is making a last minute surge in the polls.

UPDATE (May 2/2011): Conservatives win Majority for 5 more years - NDP places second

Years ago the Conservatives brought in what is called the GST - Goods and Services Tax, which overnight, doubled the taxes on just about everything. Also, if you work for someone, that employer is now paying for your health insurance - Nice.
For this, they (Conservatives) paid a heavy price for decades. But Canada has had a surplus over the years since then and spent that money on a new Health Care Plan and even added some new military might to assist the Americans in all the bloody wars they seem to get caught up in. No Government has since got rid of the hated GST because we would then end up like the Americans, without a good health care plan and probably trillions in debt. Now, with a few cuts here and there and some tweaking, we can get back to a surplus without too much of a problem. Canadians seem to understand the phrase - "you get what you pay for", but still don't like taxes being raised. Taxes are like death -- it won't ever go away.

The U.S. would certainly knock out a Government who raised taxes and there is a big stink going on there over anyone who tries to correct their flawed Health Care system. I say, just shut up and let it happen. So you pay a little more like Canadians but, Hey, who has the higher dollar now and who is more respected on the money markets today and who can easily manage their debt load. Are the Americans able to raise their hands -- Uhh -- No -- because they want a strong government in power, one that can be the policeman for the world, and a government that is fair with the people when it comes to taxes, even though it means losing a home or two when they get sick and can't work for months or years on end. Give me a Break people! A third party is now rising in the polls in the U.S. -- Watch out! Canada has five parties and more coming perhaps.

I don't care if there are 100 new parties. I'm getting older each day and I'm not worrying about my health or a high debt load if I get sick. That's the least of my worries. I just want my damn hockey team to bring home the Stanley Cup.

Before you say anything, read on what started my blood to boil. The previous hub was about a Cat Bite and could it kill you. The next thing I know, I'm involved over a debate on the health care system. I told the person that this Hub was about Cats and that I would write one soon about Health Care. O.K. -- I 've written one. I'm going to provide the "comments" that were exchanged and you guys, the readers can exchange views if you like, without me getting any more involved. You've read my opinions, now let's hear yours -- kinda like an open forum on Health Care. Go for it and have fun, or Not. Oh -- and you may want to come and live in Canada for a few years to test out the hospitals -- at no charge to you.

Watch the video below and see what it's like to be an American without Insurance. Everyone in Canada is covered. If you're self employed -- you're covered. If you're a Senior, your medications are 90% looked after and hospitals are free, along with all surgeries. We may have to wait a little longer in line, but it is free. We have the option, at least, of paying for faster service in the U.S., but I'll wait, thanks.

You Must see the Video below. It will Sicken you -- The film is called "SICKO".
So you Wanna live in the good Ol' USA -- GOOD LUCK!

Comments: Previous Hub

Oh! I am so glad your wife is going to be okay. We are cat lovers so we need to know about this. Thanks very much for posting it!


I have visited Canada and I fell in love with the country and the people so this is nothing personal. I would love to visit Canada again and meet more people there.

As an American I might be able to help you with our aversion to the proposed changes to our health care. You can imagine that there are many facets to the issue, but I think the main issue is one that people sometimes have trouble putting into words. It is that we want real solutions to the problems with our present health care system. It does not matter what system is put in place here or in any other country, there will be problems with it. Yours has problems--we've heard about them. We want the freedom to address the problems we have from the standpoint of our health care professionals with the help of the business world, not the government's perspective.

In a perfect world, all the problems of each system would be solved by now, but that's never going to happen. Not all heath care professionals are going to care about their jobs or patients. Not all hospitals are going to hire quality caregivers. Some parents are not going to do what's best for their children's health. Some teens are going to rebel at the advice of parents and doctors. Some adults are not going to do what they know is best for their health. But governments have never nor will they ever be known for solving what the private sector can't solve.

We find it amazing to hear Canadians say that there are no bills for medical care in Canada. Sure there are. Your payment is hidden in your taxes. Who else would be paying for the care? Where else would the money to pay for the salaries and the tools and medicines and the facilities come from? Honest, please know that I am not being sarcastic. It is with true astonishment that some Americans listen to some Canadians say that their health care is free.

An American citizen with an inflamed cat bite can get the help they need if they will go to a doctor or hospital or clinic. I personally know of two totally unrelated people, one an infant, one a senior citizen who did not have insurance but had an emergency health situation come up and the beneficence/charity fund of each hospital covered the cost of care for each person. Their care was the priority. There are also medicare and medicaid services that still provide care, even though the government has mismanaged them so badly that they are in danger of losing their funding.

You are a creative writer and I enjoyed reading this hub. The weather was a sad story for many, many people this week. It's a blessing when one can just as well laugh as cry about it when all the damage they had was the loss of a building. I am truly thankful for your sake. It will be interesting to read the comments that this hub generates about both the weather and health care. I'll take a look at your other work soon.

Glad your writer's block is gone! :)

But sorry it was at Judy's expense. :(

Still, thanks again for sharing important info on cat bites!


First of all -- this is a cat hub -- the other topic is coming at some point. But since we're there now, there are no problems with our health care and I'm 63 years old so I've been here for a while. You should really not listen to here say from others. Yes, our taxes are high but we live in a 1st rate country. You get what you pay for here. Many of our good doctors left for the States after being enticed away for higher pay but are now retuning in droves because they miss this great country. Money isn't everything. We have the Royal Wedding tomorrow as we are part of the Commonwealth. Two billion people will be watching. There is nothing we lack here except a powerful military and I can really stray off the cat topic but let's leave it just a cat topic for now.

Canadians are very patriotic just like Americans and I can tell you bluntly that if I have any sugery --- well, actually I did last year for skin cancer and it's fixed --- No Charge. I'll take high taxes any day.

Please keep the topic for now on Cat bites.

I'll try a Hub on Health Care soon but you should really see the movie that the American gent (Michael Moore) did on health care in Canada vs the U.S.A. Maybe that film will open some eyes.

"Sicko takes a look at the huge flaws in the US health care system. The movie primarily focuses on the failing American health insurance and pharmaceutical industries including health insurance scams.

Today over fifty million Americans are currently uninsured, and those who are covered very often become victims of insurance company fraud and red tape.

Moore's Sicko movie compares the US health system with free public funded or so called "socialized" health systems in other countries, namely Canada, UK, France and Cuba

According to Mike Moore, in France the French government provides exceptional social services, such as day care for $1 an hour, and neonatal support that includes cooking, cleaning, and laundry services for new mothers.

In England Mike Moore visits a UK pharmacy, where pharmaceuticals are free of charge for persons under 16 or over 60, and subsidized in most cases for everyone else, only a fixed amount of Pds6.65 per prescription is charged (about $13 U.S.)

The film criticizes both the American Democrats and Republicans for their inaction and in some cases their willingness to be bribed by pharmaceutical companies and insurance carriers.

Sicko was described by some critics as "a very strong and very honest documentary about America's health system that's totally corrupt and that is without any care for its patients."

Remember, this is a Cat Hub,

I won't talk about the other issues until I write one.


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